Talent Always Rises to the Top

1 October 2013

Well what a season it was. Widespread controversy plagued both AFL and NRL codes this season, with plenty of scandals, upsets and surprises along the way. Yet an elite few always manage to see through the chaos and rise above pack. This year’s Footy Tipping Competition was a tightly fought contest, but now that the final siren has sounded, we can finally reveal who gets official bragging rights as the greatest football brains. A big congratulations goes out to Luke Humphris (our AFL winner) and Rhys Greenway (our NRL winner) who proved that they really thrive under pressure.


AFL winner Luke and NRL winner Rhys

Here are the winners for both codes: 


1st Luke Humphris

2nd Mark King

3rd Peter Ferguson

4th Justin Maschotta

5th Daniel Tuffin


1st Rhys Greenaway

2nd Greg Earnshaw

3rd Ian Abdoo

4th Craig Montgomery

5th Benjamin Grills


Your involvement supports some worthy causes.

The Reece Footy tipping competition is plenty of fun yet it’s also a way of putting something back into our communities. The 2013 tipping comp raised vital funds for the following charities:
  – Red Cross Australia
  – Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (WA)
  – Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation (Qld)
  – Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne
  – Sydney Children’s Hospital
  – Women’s & Children’s Hospital Adelaide

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