Geberit HDPE pipe and fittings are an economical alternative to Earthenware, Copper, Brass, Cast Iron and Stainless steel pipes in gravity drainage systems.

Geberit HDPE is a hard wearing, robust and chemical resistant piping system suitable for almost any drainage application above ground and in ground.

Geberit Silent
Geberit Silent is a unique, purpose designed DWV and storm water drainage system for jobs where increased levels of soundproofing are required. The complete range consists of pipes and fittings with dimensions from 56 to 110 mm. This guarantees complete acoustical insulation from the apparatus connection through to the ground pipe line.

Pluvia Roof Drainage System
The Geberit Pluvia Roof Drainage System is based on the gravity-induced vacuum principle, which through a syphonic action, allows the complete drainage of a roof. Without the requirement of a slope in horizontal pipe work, pipe diameters don't require reducing thus saving space, set-up time and expenses.

The System consists of roof outlets, pipes and fittings made of Geberit HDPE, an engineered fastening system and a professional support package.