Happy Tips

Simple and innovative solutions to help make your bathroom a happy place.

headbutt thumb

Happy Tip #1
Avoid the headbutt

The right products make it easy to create a bathroom that’s twice as nice.

more with less thumb

Happy Tip #2
How to make more with less

A little planning can give you a lot of extra room, so be smart with your space.

non hairwash day thumb

Happy Tip #3
How to deal with a non-hairwash day

Two heads are often better than one, particularly when it’s time to shower.

left out cold thumb

Happy Tip #4
Don’t be left out in the cold

Choosing the right hot water unit for your home will guarantee you never run out of hot water again.

avoid chilly damp morning thumb

Happy Tip #5
Avoiding a chilly, damp morning

Discover the joy of a heated towel rail for a warm and fuzzy start to your day.

Happy Tip 6

Happy Tip #6
How to deal with bathroom clutter

Accessories are a great way to say goodbye to bathroom clutter and hello to a neat and tidy start to the day.

happy tip 7

Happy Tip #7
Enjoy the ups and downs

A waterrail shower adds convenience and flexibility for the whole family.