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Adele Bates' Dream Bathroom

Interior Designer

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Adele Bates

Interior Design

"Rarely does a project come along with, quite literally, no constraints. When Reece approached us to design a bathroom we saw an opportunity to come up with something that would be a dream to work on for a real client. We knew we wanted excellent bones; tall ceilings, beautiful windows, abundant natural light, lots of character and an exceptional view. It's a decadent idea to design a 'dream bathroom' so we wanted the material selections to reflect this sense of indulgence. 

Our bathroom design showcases elements from different periods in design in a harmonious manner. Detailed heritage elements evident in the wall panelling and architraves are juxtaposed with minimalistic fixtures and fittings from Reece. We wanted beautiful steel windows that would offer the space a sense of solidity. The unusual forms in the window framework add a playful dimension to the project. 

Our studio has worked with 4D Studio on previous projects. They have great attention to detail and produce renders of exceptional quality. We worked closely with the studio throughout the rendering process to continue to tweak the design and styling. Through there execution of the renders we have been able to bring our initial vision to life."

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4D Studio

Architectural Illustration & Visualisation

We were excited to receive this sublime design from Adele Bates. We tribute it with mottled shadows across the tangled veining of the marble. Outside, a vibrant natural exterior to amplify its contrast, subtle woods and greens. A refuge to rejuvenate.


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