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Bek Sheppard's Dream Bathroom


The Design Story

Bek Sheppard


"I envisioned my bathroom to showcase all the elements, which I feel are important when designing a space. Simplicity, structure, nature and functionality. I wanted my bathroom to feel classic, masculine and beautifully isolated. 

I have always dreamt of owning a property in the Mountain ranges with floor to ceiling glass, where I could gaze out over the forest. I feel there would be something very calming about bathing amongst the trees. 

Luke Fry did a wonderful job capturing my vision and we are very proud to share this collaboration with you."


Instagram: @beksheppardstylist

LinkedIn: Bek Sheppard

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Luke Fry

Architect & Interior Designer

“Our bathroom concept can be described as 'refined simplicity, layered with texture', perfectly balancing interior warmth and security with controlled exposure to the light and wintery views from mother nature.

The interior palate uses raw and honest materials that create a familiarity with the user and enhance their experience. Exposed concrete walls, European oak timber flooring and natural stone tiles work together to create an almost brutalist interior, which we then softened through highly detailed bathroom fittings and luxurious furnishings.

Through the large pivot entry door, minimalist detailing helps enhance the elements we want you to focus on, such as the vanity, lighting and leather armchair. The landscape opposite remains ever present without being overbearing, subtly adding to the space but not dominating it.”



Instagram: @lukefry_ 

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