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Cameron Bruhn's Dream Bathroom

Editorial Director, Architecture Media

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The Design Story

Cameron Bruhn

Editorial Director Architecture Media

“On weekends, I like to entertain and socialise with friends in the garden. In thinking about my dream bathroom, I started to think about the way a garden is used. Could a yard be re-imagined as a public space, complete with a bathroom? This is the idea I wanted to explore.

If you overlay the way a backyard garden is used each day with the amenities of public space, one thing emerges for me - the need for a garden to have its own 'facilities' that make it independent to the house. This is how I came to the idea of incorporating an Australian icon - the dunny block - but reimagined for my dream bathroom. My project is in three parts: an outdoor bath (I visited a Japanese onsen last year and loved it), storage for firewood and garden tools, and a toilet. In addition, the bathroom could also incorporate the other “bits” of garden life, like the clothesline and bin store.

To resolve all this, Brisbane-based architects Owen and Vokes and Peters designed a bathhouse pavilion set in the garden, with a small courtyard at its centre. Its design successfully provides a space for many different uses - private soaks in the tub, entertaining friends on a Sunday afternoon or tidying up the garden tools.”

Aaron Peters

Architect Owen and Vokes and Peters

“Cameron is a fellow who likes to entertain, preferably in the garden. His brief to us placed particular emphasis on establishing a strong connection to nature and recalled his experiences visiting Japanese onsen bathhouses while on holiday. Therefore, it seemed possible that Cameron's 'dream' bathroom could in fact be a bathhouse pavilion set in the garden. We combined this bathhouse with a tool shed and firewood store to create a small courtyard for entertaining guests. The bathing pavilion faces away from the courtyard with a low-slung opening framing a view of the garden; a perfect spot to lean back in the tub and unwind.”

Owen and Vokes and Peters are a small architectural practice located in Brisbane. Founded in 2003, the practice specialises in boutique commercial, residential and institutional projects.


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