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Claire Bradley's (Real) Dream Bathroom

Editor, Inside Out Magazine

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The Design Story

Claire Bradley

Editor, Inside Out magazine

“With my apartment 95 per cent renovated, there was only the bathroom left to transform. It's relatively inoffensive with terrible fittings and fixtures, but it's livable - for the moment. When the team at Reece asked me to take part in their [Designer Looks] Editor's Series, I thought, 'Hell, why don't I dream up a new real bathroom for my place!' Which is exactly what Andrew Benn, our resident architect, and I did.

My brief was to create something that extended the zone to the wall of my living room - incorporating my linen cupboard - and to keep it soft and feminine, with muted and textural details.

What's most exciting about the design is how unexpected it is.
I'd given Andrew some references and his drawing is an intuitive 'next step' version. Considering my 1940s apartment has detailed ceilings,
I love that his modern solution builds on the broader aesthetic.”


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Andrew Benn

Architect, benn + penna architecture

“We were looking 
to create a calm and soft atmosphere that felt immersive, intimate and sensual - almost like an extension of the body.

The interior palette uses neutral tones with finely detailed black trimmings, while surface finishes contribute to that sense of calm and softness through matte finishes and rounded edges.

While we've avoided fussy details and opted for a robust and durable design, that element of luxury is still present through finishing touches such as a shower pillow and wall papered ceiling pattern.

A mirrored wall conceals a deceptively large amount of floor-to-ceiling storage, while also seemingly doubling the size of the small space. Further reducing the clutter and opening up the space available, we've opted for a concealed toilet cistern and recessed niche shelves near the shower and basin.

Finally, we've introduced a window by pushing the outside wall out to reveal a view across the valley.”


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