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Katelin Butler's Dream Bathroom

Editor, Houses Magazine

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The Design Story

Katelin Butler

Editor, Houses Magazine

"When envisaging my dream bathroom, my priority was a light, warm and inviting space. It can be hard getting out of bed on a cold Melbourne morning, I wanted an appealing environment to start my day. After sharing my love of Spain with Rachel, she was inspired to use this as a starting point for the design, featuring white-painted brick walls and a raw aesthetic. Natural light and ample bench space were a priority, as was a connection to greenery.

I love the idea of the bathroom as a key room in the home, where elements such as furniture are included, as opposed to it being simply a service space. For this reason, most of the furniture and fittings, including the Kado Lure bath and Alape basin, are treated as individual items instead of being integrated. In terms of textures and materials, I'm drawn to honest expression rather than applied surface - celebrating the inherent beauty of materials such as timber, stone and brick."

Rachel Nolan

Architect, Kennedy Nolan Architects

"This bathroom responds to Katelin's desire for light, the pleasure she takes in materials and a connection to the garden, with obvious regard to practical requirements. This is a galley bathroom with the toilet tucked away and the main level accommodating timber 'furniture' rather than joinery. Reece fittings are separate and freestanding. To wash, one steps onto a timber batten deck. The shower, too, is away from view. A freestanding bath orients itself on the small, private courtyard. Materials speak of outside life. Conventional materials have been disregarded. A rolled timber batten ceiling disperses light from the overhead skylight. White brickwork walls provide an earthy backdrop to custom made black steel mirrors, towel rail and sliding door. A travertine floor provides a gentle version of white to the galley space. This bathroom is a quiet space, a space one could furnish. Near the garden, it's designed to feel like a quiet room."

Architect Rachel Nolan is one of the two founding members of Kennedy Nolan Architects, an award winning architecture practice established in 1999.

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