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Lisa Green's Dream Bathroom

Editor in Chief, Australian House & Garden

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The Design Story

Lisa Green

Editor in Chief, Australian House & Garden

"Perhaps it's the '70s child in me, but I've long been drawn to blue-green tiles and glass, so there was no shortage of references when I sat down with Michelle Findlay and Joel Farnan of Farnan Findlay Architects to discuss this project.

My brief was for a serene bathing sanctuary, rich in texture, opening onto a private green courtyard and outdoor shower. I was confident Michelle's approach to space and feel for materials would carry my vision through and I'm really thrilled with the results.

The simple white curves of the bath and basin are picked up by the feature pendant light and fun rocking chair - elegant notes among the timber and tiles."

Michelle Findlay


"The bathroom is a retreat away from the bustle of family life and a space where the ritual of bathing is the primary focus. The bath takes pride of place leading to a lush outdoor courtyard. Large operable windows allow a direct connection with the outside. The courtyard includes hanging green walls and lush mossy ground cover, allowing you to step outside and shower, completely private in your own oasis.

Contrasting the pure, creamy white of ceramic bathroom fittings are materials that are expressive and natural, such as recycled wide boards, a concrete ceiling and the beautiful shell-like tiles that Lisa found, connecting the project to her memory and spatial experience. A single chair reminds us that this is place to restore the soul and take time."

Architect Michelle Findlay is one of the founding partners of Farnan Findlay Architects. Visit contact or 02 8354 1887.

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