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Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler's Dream Bathroom

Loose Leaf

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Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler

Loose Leaf

"The site needs to allow for a gradation from interior to exterior space with an operable junction between the two. The bathroom design needs to integrate water and planting into a space which expresses openness, simplicity and honesty. The layout of the bathroom should be dictated by the movement of sunlight and water, while also giving form to the ritual of bathing and other modes of inhabitation. The design should be informed by our passion for nature, our cultural identity and the idea of adaptation over time."



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Alex Lake

Architect, Therefore Studio

"The design for this bathroom comes from several key aspects of the clients' lives. There is a primary connection to nature and plants which represents their lifelong passion and practices of botanical design, floristry and sculpture. There is a connection to Wona's Korean heritage as well as a strong influence of Japanese culture and design which has been picked up by the duo through their travels and learnings. The hypothetical site symbolises their home in Melbourne's Collingwood and also the landscape of warehouses and greenhouses associated with Charlie's upbringing on a nursery in Tasmania.

The bathroom exists between two counterbalancing gardens and makes use of planting for privacy. A generous bath is inset within a terraced concrete plinth and a hanging showerhead above can be rotated to allow showering indoors or outdoors. Natural and charred timber finishes coexist, with simple timber shelving and furniture elements being dispersed throughout the space."


Instagram: @thereforestudio


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