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Monique Woodward's Dream Bathroom

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Monique Woodward


WOWOWA's bush billabong fantasy is a playful, colourful and conceptually rich bathroom for Reece Designer Looks. Taking the idea of a "wet area" to an extreme, the floor is a shallow lily pond navigated by circular pink marble stepping stones. Inspired by Jacques Tati's highly curated garden in the film Mon Oncle, the stepping stones ascend a bathing water sculpture in the middle of the space giving access to a view of the Aussie landscape beyond the golden textured wall. 

The feeling of space is championed with the only sense of a ceiling coming from a flock of WOWOWA's own Rosella pendant lights hanging above the pond, creating dazzling reflections and glistening against the decorative marble surfaces. This bathroom blurs the boundaries between the natural & man-made, and is the perfect starting place for the design of a country home for a family who feel life's too short for boring spaces! 

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