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Nicky Lobo's Dream Bathroom

Editor, Habitus Magazine

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The Design Story

Nicky Lobo

Editor, Habitus Magazine

"The bathroom returns to its natural function. A sophisticated jungle of primal rebirth.

In the wild, curves and organic shapes reign supreme. The light is dappled, filtered through dense foliage. A sense of symmetry, a simple colour palette and refined materials bring order and peace. Graceful lines, elegant forms and a hint of luxury intensify the calming element of this arboreal experience.

Connected to the elements, a place of nourishing repose; the cat keeps its cool in this sophisticated jungle bathroom."


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Thomas Coward

Designer, Thomas Coward Studio

"Nicky wanted a bathroom which incorporated light, nature and simplicity.

I created the vision of a space which encompasses the chaotic nature of a lush jungle, controlled by the structured grid of the mosaic and dominant form of the room. The beauty lies where these elements meet. The room plays with the notion of being exposed to nature but protected by it during our most intimate moments. The space is open plan, with foliage creating boundaries and zones.

The products were chosen for their pure, stoic forms, which spoke to the room and complemented Nicky's bathroom rituals."

Thomas Coward Studio creates product, furniture and spaces. From consultancy to full production, the studio works over several disciplines to create and deliver outcomes to fulfil commercial and personal objectives.


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