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Richard Waller's Dream Bathroom

Former Editor, Inside Out

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The Design Story

Richard Waller

Former Editor, Inside Out

"When the idea of creating my own 'dream bathroom' first arose, one name immediately sprung to mind: the visionary Sydney architect, Ian Moore. I've always admired his perspective on design and knew he would be able to turn my vision of a bathroom space that connects the inside and out into a work of art.

I'm delighted with the way Ian has brought this conceptual bathroom to glorious virtual life."

Read more about Richard and Ian's journey in the March/April Inside Out issue featuring the Kitchen and Bathroom special which is out now.

Ian Moore


"This room has been designed in response to Richard's brief for a space that connects inside and out. A large single sheet of glass allows total integration of the courtyard into the bathroom space. Materials were chosen for their longevity, timelessness and minimal maintenance: light-grey for flooring, seamless warm grey for the walls, a wall of mirror to reflect the landscaped courtyard and frameless sliding-glass doors. One element of surprise is a lilac-lined interior to the mirrored storage cabinets - a special request from Richard to incorporate his favourite colour in a discreet manner."

Ian Moore is director and principal architect of his own award-winning practice, Ian Moore Architects. Visit or contact Ian Moore Architects via email,, or phone, 02 8354 1887.

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