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Shaynna Blaze's Material Crush on 2 Budgets

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Shaynna Blaze

Blank Canvas Interiors

We challenged Block judge and celebrity interior designer, Shaynna Blaze, to re-create the Material Crush trend on two budgets: Everyday and Luxe.


Everyday Material Crush

"This bathroom is all about the everyday look - creating a little bit of luxury that's always on hand. Material Crush isn't all about bling it's about a total sensory experience, for example, tiles with a grain so when you touch it, you feel connected to the space. Dramatic colour has been spread throughout the area, making it feel so much vaster. Also, products with thin lines and profiles have been used to add a layer of luxury - which was also a key element to infuse within the design. Bold, quality tapware was the final touch of this Everyday Material Crush look, which is the most important investment for Material Crush look on a tighter budget - I've used black tapware that instantly draws the eye."

Luxe Material Crush

"When creating the Luxe bathroom, I wanted the feeling of a high-end boutique hotel you never want to leave, so it had to include all the elements you expect when you want to indulge yourself. When creating a Luxe look, it's all about heightening the senses, and the Material Crush look provide a great source of inspiration.

The starting point was to treat the rose gold tapware as the jewels of the palette and then build layers to blend and contrast to support them; marble tiles, a deep indigo painted wall with the dramatic and sharp contrast of the floating black timber vanity.  

A rich visual of metals, stone, and timber entices you to touch the surfaces, and the different textures and shapes are about creating a physical connection once you are there.  

Organic curves with fine edges like the bath and basins add a feminine lift to the strong and dramatic colour palette, giving the bathroom a sense of calm and elegance. The final touch was the inclusion of subtle lighting of painted wall sconces on the paneled wall, adding a soft ambiance to the room when you laze in the bath or have a shower."


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