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Tahnee Carroll's Dream Bathroom


The Design Story

Tahnee Carroll


"Inspiration for my dream bathroom came from a mix of essential design elements I wanted to cover, one being light and two being an abundance of indoor plants and greenery all wrapped up in rustic warehouse style interior.

My personal style combines a mix of modern design with vintage elements. When designing my dream bathroom I wanted to incorporate large warehouse style windows, a built in seat ledge to display potted plants and an exposed, sand bagged brick wall to give the bathroom a real New York loft style appearance.  I love to break up traditionally square and structured spaces through the use of circular and curvaceous shapes, so the use of two varying sizes of the Issy Ballerina round mirrors to break the symmetry of the space, as well as an amazing freestanding oval bath tub to soak in was a must for my design!

I love the use of raw, simple textures and tones, the floor to ceiling white square tiles with black grout combined with natural timber vanity and matte black fixtures really complete the look." 


Facebook: @tahneecarrollstylist

Instagram: @taper_jean_girl


Lisa Burden


"Creating a space that represented Tahnee's personality was of the upmost importance when sitting down to bring it to life.

It was to be all about texture. A raw industrial yet sophisticated space combining small-scale tiles, exposed brick, black and brass fixtures and fittings to achieve boldness and confidence. And, of course not forgetting the lush freshness that only indoor plants can bring to a wet area.

The product choice was to be simple and clean with the big-ticket items like the Roca Virginia Freestanding Bath and the Issy Butterfly Vanity Unit adding scale and aesthetic appeal while still remaining practical. The Issy Ballerina Round mirrors were the final touch along with some too-good-to-be-true brass wall lights adding beauty and elegance to the space and balancing out the raw materials.

This space was a pleasure to design and is a representation of Tahnee and her aesthetic in its bold, beautiful, confident, raw state. It's her to a T!"

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