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2018 bathroom resolutions you can stick to

Tuesday, December 26th 2017

Return to the Powder Room

Whether you’re into New Year’s resolutions or not, it’s always refreshing to have some achievable, forward-thinking goals – even for your bathroom. We’ve got five bathroom resolutions for 2018.

thepowderroom issyz1vanity 02

It seems at times that New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. But not this year, not when it comes to your bathroom. We’ve got five bathroom resolutions to help you on your way to bathroom happiness in 2018.

Ditch fast refreshment and indulge the senses.

thepowderroom kado freestandingbath 02

“I’m too busy” is your first mistake of 2018. It’s our go-to line for just about everything we can’t fit into the calendar, including a blissful soak in the bath. This year, it’s time to skip the bathroom rush and find twenty minutes for bathroom pampering – for cleansing the soul, not the just the skin. The bathroom is a great escape zone, so you’ve just got to use it. 

If you’re leaning toward a bathroom reno for 2018, why not create the perfect pamper zone by pairing a gorgeous Kado Lux freestanding bath with the addition of a Mizu Bloc bath rack.

Invest in bathroom storage.

thepowderroom issy vanity storage 04

This one’s a great all-rounder for the home, but especially important for the bathroom. An unkempt bathroom has a lot to do with a lack of storage – and maybe just a little bit to do with the endless soaps and scents we accumulate throughout the year. One thing you should absolutely do in early 2018 is a big bathroom clean out to start the year fresh and free from clutter. Follow this up with some extra storage inclusions so there will always be room for your soap collection. Make a clutter-free bathroom possible with the right storage set up.

Our storage stars: Kado Aspect Wall Hung Tall Boy, Kado Aspect Mobile Vanity Unit, ISSY Z8 Butterly Tall Boy.

Make easy updates a reality.

thepowderroom milliexo tapware 01

It’s time to make those minor bathroom updates a reality. All those back-of-mind improvements you’ve considered implementing, but set aside every month. While you’ve got fresh motivation for the year ahead, make a small list and tackle these tasks before February. And if you don’t have the time, budget, or motivation for a big renovation, quick updates and adjustments can make all the difference.

Quick updates: upgrade your tapware, accessorise and get creative with storage.

Treat yourself, buy that centrepiece.

thepowderroom dayspa mizu vanity 01

You’ve been eyeing off that mesmerising vanity for far too long. Give yourself permission to purchase your dream bathroom centrepiece, guilt-free. Or, if it’s a little out of your reach, it might be time to call in a favour or two. Ask your friends, family and loved ones for a voucher or money to go toward this item for your birthday or another special occasion. Or maybe set aside the money you would spend on coffee or takeaway to save up. Every bit helps! Bathroom budgeting is all about spending in some areas and saving in others.

Show stopping vanities: Kado Lux Wall Hung 4 Drawer Vanity, Mizu Bloc 900 Wall Hung Vanity and ISSY Glide 1750 Wall Hung Vanity.

Stop thinking, start renovating.

It’s a new year, with 365 days full of opportunity – the perfect time to get that long overdue renovation into full swing. If the logistics and planning have overwhelmed you up until now, be brave and ready yourself with the right tools. Our Bathroom Renovation Guide tackles all areas of exploring, planning, shopping and building, even tradie lingo. Even if you can’t complete your renovation this year you can definitely start it. Stay positive and keep your vision alive.

If you’ve still got some lingering renovation questions, we might just have your answers.

Take small steady steps into 2018 and you can achieve all your bathroom resolutions. For the inspiration to help get you there, take a look at the latest bathroom trends


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