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Blissful baths for body and mind

Friday, September 2nd 2016

Return to the Powder Room

A wonderful reliever of stress and pain, bathing is an affordable luxury that can transform your body and mind. By bringing some essential bath time into your day, you’ll not only cleanse your body but soothe your mind and help heal those aches and pains.

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A long, relaxing soak in the bath tub remains one of the most effective ways of relieving stress and tension. Beyond simply cleansing the body, baths enhance our physical and emotion wellbeing, combining the positive properties of warm water with the soothing effects of a little bathroom solitude.

No matter the size or style of your bath – these two variables come down to personal preference! – just five minutes spent immersed within has the power to change your entire state of mind. Hot water has long been recognised as a natural sedative, smoothing out the tension and helping to transport you to a personal place of blissful relaxation.

A natural centrepiece within the bathroom space, baths help to define both the look and feel of your bathroom, while also allowing you to express your personal sense of style.

So, which bath is perfect for you? Think about the role your bath plays in your everyday life, consider the size and accommodations of your bathroom space, and decide what sort of style statement you’d like to make with your bath. Here are three wonderful options that will help you tick all the boxes.

Freestanding bath
An immersive escape zone where joy meets bliss, a freestanding bath becomes the visual centre of your bathroom, around which everything else flows. Often designed to be deep and immersive, freestanding baths are the perfect place for finding that inner sanctuary where the minutes leak into one another and relaxation takes over. Increasingly, even if you have a small space, there are options to include an impressive freestanding centrepiece without compromising on space.

Inset bath
Whether it’s playful fun with the kids or an indulgent soak for some ‘me’ time, an inset bath is the perfect all-rounder, designed so that the whole family can enjoy. An inset bath helps you create a bathing zone to suit your lifestyle and bring joy whatever the occasion. With the ability to be checked into the corner of a room to utilise every bit of space, or built into an impressive hob at a height that suits you, or installed with a shower over bath, the inset bath is the perfect melding of form and function.

Spa bath
Find your zen and escape to a place of deep relaxation. Capture that day spa feeling with jets and pulses in your own bath. This therapeutic water effect is restorative and rejuvenating and will help ease all those emotional and physical aches and pains. The spa has come a long way from the giant corner baths we used to see decades ago. You can get modern freestanding options, inset spas with barely there jets or even ergonomically designed spas to get the most benefit for your body. Explore spa options here!

Are you ready to let go of your stresses and float away? Explore more beautiful baths and water therapy ideas, click here.


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