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How to spark joy in your bathroom with the KonMari method

Monday, March 11th 2019

Return to the Powder Room

The KonMari method has taken the world by storm, but how can you apply it to your bathroom?

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Like it or not, the name Marie Kondo is everywhere, and people across the globe are overhauling habits by asking a simple question – “Does this bring joy?” Simply put, if an item in your home doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to let it go. It’s a positive and effective philosophy to apply to all things in life, so if you’re looking to dip your toe into the KonMari method, what better place to start than the bathroom – a room that can very easily get overrun, cluttered and cramped.

Take a long, hard look at the contents

The KonMari process focuses on what to keep, rather than dispose of. Assess the current state of your bathroom shelves, vanity and niches and set aside what you know you use regularly – this is the stuff you should keep. Take the old makeup, dried up creams and anything else that you’ve held onto for way too long ‘just in case’, and say goodbye to it.

Allocate your space

Allocate space on shelves or in your vanity wisely – dedicate one space for hair products, another for skin creams, another for bath toys etc. When everything has its rightful place, you’ll be more inclined to return it there. Some bathroom furniture is designed to help you stay organised, too. The ISSY Z8 Vanity features helpful drawers that maximise space and keep products in easy view. The coordinating ISSY Z8 Tall Boy has further compartments for cosmetics, shaving essentials and even a laundry basket!

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Create space

If you’re struggling to allocate space, create some! Elevating things like vanities and shelving helps train your eyes upwards. Highlight the items that spark joy with open shelving like the Posh Solus Wall Hung Vanity. Open shelves and elevation help create a streamlined look.

Be flexible with your storage

If space is limited in your bathroom, you may need to be clever. Maximise the real estate on your walls with swivel towel rails, hooks, or even mobile storage for bigger or rarely used items.

Posh Solus Wall Hung Vanity Unit reece

Help with hygiene

Speaking of things that bring you joy, cleaning out the bathroom isn’t always high on your list. Leveling up the hygiene in your bathroom can also cut down on cleaning time with new technologies like rimless toilets, such as the American Standard Cygnet Hygiene Rim toilet. It's double vortex technology and rimless pan ensure maximum flushing performance and minimal cleaning for you.

Interested in renovating the bathroom of your dreams? Find more bathroom inspiration in our renovation guide.

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