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In the know: Dulux’s top trending colours for 2019

Wednesday, September 12th 2018

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The experts at Dulux have revealed the top colour trends for 2019. Discover the shades you’ll be seeing in all rooms of the future, and how to achieve the trends within your bathroom.

Reece Bathroom colour trends forecast2

 Redecorating for Spring? The timing couldn’t be more perfect! The Dulux Colour Forecast has now been revealed. This annual forecast brings together the newest colour trends as influenced by the world around us.
“It’s incredible how colour can influence the way you feel within a space,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour & Communications Manager at Dulux. “Colour has an amazing power to transform spaces and I love the emotional connections you can create.”

In 2019, the Dulux Colour Forecast is centered around personal enjoyment and the notion of a ‘filter’ that separates ourselves from the distractions of everyday life. It celebrates colour as a means through which we can filter out all the noise and instead focus on what matters.
This idea of escapism is expressed through four key trends: an earthy palette designed to reconnect with nature; mindful hues for holistic living; saturated shades that bring together old and new; and a bold eclectic collection crafted for expression.

The four trends are together both nurturing and empowering. Here’s the lowdown on the top trends for 2019 and how you can create your own happy place, living your best life with colour.

TREND 1: Repair – a natural, earthy palette to repair and revive

‘Repair’ celebrates earthy colours, helping us to revive our relationship with nature and embrace a more holistic way of life. Here, the experts speak of the perfection found in imperfection, the natural beauty in flaws.
To create this trend at home, bring together found and foraged favourites with new elements to create the perfect harmony. This balance of sentimental value with modernity combines the best of both worlds in a down-to-earth, comforting zone.

Reece bathroom colour trend repair

Reece Trend: Boho

With tactility and contrast, our Boho trend incorporates old-world character with contemporary elements in the creation of something entirely original. Learn how to combine textural elements with layered patterns here.

TREND 2: Wholeself – a palette to center the mind and ignite the senses

‘Wholeself’ invites us to stop, breathe, and simply be in the moment. This soothing palette creates a sanctuary for the senses – a place to switch off. Wellness is the key, and the trend helps to align mind, body and home. It’s a message of minimalism with subtle details.

To get this look at home, Dulux suggests bringing in soft textures to add depth to a pastel palette. Ceramics, fabrics and wall hangings add interest while ensuring the space remains distraction free.

Reece bathroom colour trends 

Reece Trend: Nordic minimal

With fine lines and a restrained aesthetic, our Nordic Minimal trend lends itself perfectly to ‘Wholeself’. A simple, understated base is given interest with key features in a soothing and calming retreat. Discover more about this minimalist style here.

TREND 3: Legacy – colours that infuse classic elegance

With ‘Legacy’ we explore an elegant take on eclectic style. It’s rich, indulgent and expressive, a fusion of past and present with cherished icons shaped into a modern vision.
At home, look to saturated hues to create an eye-catching contrast. Rich, bold colours build a tonally immersive experience, while lush fabrics allow you to soak up the atmosphere and sink into your surrounds.

Reece bathroom dulux colour legacy

Reece Trend: Neo classic

The ‘Legacy’ trend’s celebration of old and new marries perfectly to the Neo Classic trend. It’s all about opulence in the bathroom, with moody deep colours, creative patterns and a look constructed from layers. See how you can create the look here.

TREND 4: Identity – bold, fun and spirited colours to entice your creative calling

Make a statement with colour. ‘Identity’ invites us to break out of the mould and show our radical side to express inner creativity. This trend is brave and fun, with fabulous quirks that refuse to conform to convention.
Create the look by mixing and matching. Throw out the rules – it’s all about pattern play where more is more. Select graphic art with dynamic colour combinations, coloured pendants and statement furniture to build a space filled with personality.

Reece bathroom identity colour dulux

Reece Trend: Hotel inspired

‘Identity’ shares many cues with key bathroom trend, Hotel Inspired. With similar combinations of rich colours, textural elements and statement finishes, Hotel Inspired is a bold and playful look primed for indulgence. See how you can get the look in your bathroom here.

Ready to colour your world? Learn more from Dulux here, or explore more Reece bathroom trends here.


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