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The dos and don'ts of bathroom design and renovation

Friday, June 29th 2018

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Renovating can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve called on experts, GIA Bathrooms and Kitchens, to share with us their top tips on what to do and what not to do when designing a bathroom.

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 Bathroom renovations can be overwhelming. Right from the get-go, the many design and aesthetic choices, trade lingo, and strict timing requirements can be a lot to take in. When it comes to design, do you choose traditional, or weave in some fresh new season looks from your mood board or favourite home magazines? Then onto the logistics - who needs to do what, when, and how?

To cut out the confusion, we spoke to award winning interior designer Olivia Cirocco from GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Her most recent accolade was winning the 2018 Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year award at the prestigious KBDi Designer Awards

Direct from the expert to you, here’s some of Olivia’s top do's and don’ts when renovating and designing a bathroom. 

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What should you aim to do or avoid when you start out on a renovation journey?

Do: Consult a professional. Seeking professional advice reduces the possibility of unforeseen issues, and can bring to light things you may not have thought about that can greatly impact your renovation. A professional opinion can also provide you an overall picture of how you’d like your bathroom to look, and to establish that look and feel throughout all elements of the space.

Don’t: Assume anything. Making assumptions can be a recipe for disaster, so be sure to consider and investigate all elements of the renovation to ensure they work together functionally and aesthetically. This is where a professional comes in, to help identify any potential issues and provide advice on overall design and layout. They will also be able to provide solutions to any existing concerns you have with your bathroom space.

What are your thoughts on renovating a bathroom according to a trend?

Do: Consider the type and style of your home when selecting a trend. Be sure to consider whether your ideal trend will gel with your existing house style to ensure it doesn’t look out of place when making the sometimes difficult decision. Once again, a bathroom professional or interior designer can be vital in determining whether the trend will suit, or whether you may have to reconsider your selection. It’s important to note that trends can be combined, so even if the overall trend you love doesn’t fit suit your home, you can still incorporate trend elements of the style you love to make the best of your space.

Don’t: Make your decision based on current trends if it does not suit the style of your home. Simply choosing the trend that’s currently popular is not always the right decision, as it may be detrimental to the overall flow of the home. There are other ways to create a bathroom that you love, and to incorporate elements of a trend that you like without committing completely, especially if it will clash with the existing style of your home.

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Do you recommend that customers keep with the original layout of the bathroom or elect for a complete revamp? 

Do: Always be open to both. Some bathrooms will benefit from a relocation of elements, especially if the original fixtures aren’t ideally situated for how you want to use the space. Before undertaking any floor plan alterations, it is valuable to consult a professional who will be able to advise on functionality, budget, and how to best achieve the proposed layout.

Don’t: Relocate your plumbing when you don’t really need to. Relocating any plumbing or built-in structure will always be more expensive as you will be adding additional work for the trades and require more materials. This is also an opportunity for unforeseen problems to arise. Again, a professional can work with you if there are any constraints in your current space and share tips on some clever space-saving options.

What should you save or splurge on? 

Do: Splurge on tiles and vanities. Selecting the right tiles and vanity unit can really uplift the bathroom and create a distinctive look. These elements are also a good way to bring personality and colour to your bathroom. It’s especially worth splurging on tiles and vanities in small spaces like powder rooms, where they can really make a statement. Beautiful, tactile tapware is also something to spend on, as quality in this area can make both a visual and functional difference.

Don’t: Feel as though it’s necessary to tile the whole space floor to ceiling. Some tile choices can be expensive, and in a smaller bathroom, half height tiles and a contrasting wall colour can make even more of an impact.

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 Image credits: GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Not only did Olivia take out the Bathroom Designer of the Year for 2018 award, she also claimed the best designer in both the small and large bathrooms categories in VIC/TAS, Bathroom Designer of the Year in VIC/TAS, and People’s Choice Award in Bathrooms.

For more bathroom renovation tips, visit our comprehensive renovation guide. If you're ready to being creating your dream bathroom, shop the latest products here.


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