4 Winter-Proof Additions for Your Next Bathroom Reno

4 Winter-Proof Additions for Your Next Bathroom Reno

Feeling the chill this winter? Perhaps it’s time to think about including some versatile winter-friendly products that will make the morning walk to the bathroom much more comfortable, all year round. 

From full luxurious selections to smaller, more budget friendly solutions, there’s always a way to ensure your bathroom is winter-proofed when planning for your renovation.

Heated flooring: a little luxe, but a worthwhile investment

Underfloor heating is a popular investment for bathroom renovators and builders. It’s fast to heat, easy to control with a timer to suit your daily routine and ideal temperature, and not as expensive as you may have previously thought; costs can be as low as 13.5c a day.

Stiebel Eltron Underfloor Heating needs to be installed under your bathroom floor, so it’s important to consider whether you want this type of heating during your initial planning stages. Underfloor heating doesn’t have to be installed throughout the whole room either, so you can avoid spaces under vanities and in showers if you choose.

Heat Benefit: Heats the bathroom floor surface quickly where installed, while also slowly increasing the temperature in the room. However, it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for ducted heating.

You can install underfloor heating to warm specific places in the bathroom

Thermostatic mixers: the perfect shower temperature and pressure all year round

One of the market’s newest and most innovative shower products is the GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer, which guarantees a perfect shower experience, every time. Once you find your perfect temperature and pressure, you can set the mixer for future use. You can also set multiple shower heads at the same time, giving you the ultimate, personalised shower experience.

GROHE SafeStop technology limits the temperature for peace of mind for families, and constantly regulates the mix of hot and cold water to react to sudden temperature changes. You won’t experience the shock of cold water when someone turns on another appliance in the home ever again. It’s best to install this mixer into a new bathroom or shower build, but speak to your plumber for more specific advice regarding your current bathroom setup.

Heat Benefit: Set your ideal temperature once and have the perfect shower every time, which won’t drop if someone else turns on taps throughout the home.

The GROHE SmartControl lets you set your temperature across multiple showerheads

Heat lamps: a versatile exhaust and heater to keep your bathroom warm and dry

Heat lamps are a great addition to any bathroom. Keeping warm after your shower or while getting ready is made easy with the sleek, streamlined Kado Lux 3 in 1 Heat Lamp Exhaust. Combining warmth, light and steam extraction, these energy-saving LED lights can be retrofitted into an existing bathroom. If you want it to fit seamlessly into your bathroom’s colour scheme or style, the heat lamp is available in both a white or black (Titanium) finish.

Heat Benefit: Works best as secondary or extra source of heat in most bathrooms, but can heat up smaller bathrooms with low ceilings.

Heated towel rails: a luxurious touch on a family-friendly budget

Installing a heated towel rail is the perfect retrofit option if you’re looking for a versatile touch of warmth during the cooler months. Jumping out of the shower and being welcomed with a warm towel is a luxurious touch, but is achievable with the latest from the Mizu Stream and Milli Pure ranges. When it comes to style and functionality, the Mizu Stream range offers a more traditional horizontal design, with multiple colours and configurations, while the Milli Pure Vertical range offers three and one rail options in a unique vertical design.

Heated towel rails can be either hardwired into a wall or plugged in via an outlet, so they are perfect for renovation and retrofit projects.

Heat Benefit: A heated towel rail will keep towels warm and dry, preventing moisture and bacteria, and also warm up smaller bathrooms.