5 Materials That Are Changing How We Think About The Humble Basin

5 Materials That Are Changing How We Think About The Humble Basin

A newfound focus on materiality of products in the bathroom in recent years has revolutionised basins, turning what used to be seen as a plain, functional item to an eye catching statement piece.

These days, the range of basin materials includes everything from revolutionary ceramics, composite stone, and even metal, resulting in unique statement pieces in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

With the basin’s material now just as much of a consideration as its shape, we’ve put together five of our favourite materials that allow you to truly reflect your style and more importantly - will stand the test of time.

The classic qualities of porcelain

Porcelain’s affordability, classic look and durability make it a highly practical option for your bathroom, especially if it’s an inset basin that you’re after.

A classic selection for years, porcelain is a proven material when it comes to bathroom basins.

Our product pick: The Posh Solus semi-inset basin is a contemporary style that’s an all-round favourite.

The organic feel of solid surface

Solid surface bathroom basins have a slightly porous, matte finish, which mimics the texture of natural stone. This organic feel, combined with its versatility in design, makes it the ideal choice if you are designing a tactile space inspired by day spa experiences.

The stone-like appeal of solid surface is great for hotel-inspired or day spa bathroom environments.

Our product pick: The Kado Lussi Basin has smooth curves that add to the look and feel of the solid surface finish.

The beauty of enamelled steel

Providing a seamlessly sleek look and durability for utmost strength, enameled steel basins are true statement pieces that are built to last. Pioneered by German bathroom brand Alape, the unique basin finish is the result of three layers of enamel steel with a sleek enamel coating, making it incredibly scratch-resistant, with thin edges that are strikingly beautiful.

This unique material made quite a splash on The Block 2019, seen here in Tess & Luke's guest ensuite.

Glass enamelled steel can be applied to achieve a deep lustre or a more muted finish, and delivers an incredibly strong bathroom basin that’s bursting with character.

Our product pick: The Alape Sondo counter basin is available in black, white and a dual bi-colour finish, for those really looking to make a statement on their vanity countertop.

The sophistication of FineCeramic

FineCeramic is one of two great innovations when it comes to the ceramic we all know and love, and Spanish bathroom brand Roca has perfected this ultra-fine material. FineCeramic basins are durable, thin-edged and incredibly lightweight, too.

Here you can see the thin-edged design that a material like FineCeramic is able to achieve.

Our product pick: The Roca Inspira is a classically inspired basin with a thin form, making it ideal for sophisticated bathroom styles.

The sapphire of basin finishes

Another innovative European material, SaphirKeramik is a resilient, thin edged and incredibly hard-wearing version of ceramic. With SaphirKeramik, LAUFEN have achieved basins that are 2-3mm thick without neglecting the basin’s purpose in the bathroom.

SaphirKeramik is resistant to all the strong detergents, UV light, and small abrasions and bumps that are part of any busy bathroom.

SaphirKeramik is a great addition to the material story you want to tell like this bathroom by Berkeley Interiors.

Our product pick: These Living SaphirKeramik counter basin are available in two sizes, perfect for single or double vanities.