5 Reasons You Should Consider a Rimless Toilet

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Rimless Toilet

A toilet is a necessity in any new bathroom, so checking out the latest in toilet technology should be high on your list.

Today’s toilets offer a range of practical features for both the busiest of family bathrooms and the smallest of powder rooms. Our top tip when it comes to toilets? Rimless toilet technology.

Read on to discover the benefits of selecting a rimless toilet in your home.

Posh Domaine Rimless Toilet Suite

What’s a rimless toilet?

Toilets previously created a flush by distributing water around the bowl from underneath the rim of the toilet bowl. New rimless toilets however, incorporate a different flush mechanism for a more effective flush, with fewer areas for dirt, grime and germs to hide, providing a full flush that cleans the whole bowl every time.

Without a rim for germs to hide, rimless toilets are more hygienic, and are also easier to clean. This simple but incredibly effective update means that you have a much safer toilet, an especially important feature with small children in the home.

The advantages of rimless toilets

The advantages of rimless toilets can make a huge difference in your bathroom.

#1: Hygiene is built in

Hard-to-reach spots of a traditional toilet pan are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria and grime.

Rimless toilets prevent the build up of unseeable dirt and grime, making for a more hygienic day-to-day experience.

#2: Cleaning is made easy

We know that as much as you love your new bathroom, cleaning your toilet is never an enviable task.

Rimless toilets are easier and quicker to clean because those tricky nooks aren’t there.

#3: Choose a rimless toilet in any style

 With a broad range of styles available, you can find a rimless pan in any configuration you need.

Do you want a sleek profile to fit in with your clutter-free lifestyle? Choose a rimless toilet that’s perfect with inwall cisterns.

Are you retrofitting your current toilet? Then a back to wall suite is compact and can be configured to your current plumbing set up.

American Standard Heron Toilet Suite

#4: More efficient flushing

Rimless toilets use a direct flush technique, which effectively distributes water around the pan. This means that each flush is more efficient than original flushing techniques. Toilets like the American Standard Heron Toilet Suite combine both rimless technology with double vortex technology, providing a more powerful flush with less water consumption.

#5: New technology is affordable

Having a rimless toilet doesn’t have to break the bathroom bank. Rimless toilet design is available at every price point, meaning you it can be incorporated with from a range of bathroom budgets in different styles.

From family-friendly Posh rimless toilets, to Spain’s reputable Roca rimless pans, there is a rimless toilet to fit any lifestyle.

If you’re still unsure about installing a rimless toilet in your next bathroom, check it out in person at a Reece showroom near you.