5 Things to Watch Out For When Cleaning Your New Bathroom

5 Things to Watch Out For When Cleaning Your New Bathroom

We know how rewarding that new bathroom feeling is. When the final tile has been laid and the final fitting installed, it’s definitely a cause for celebration!

To keep the space feeling fresh and new, prevent the build-up of dirt and mould in your new bathroom with these 5 tips.

#1 Watch out for tight spots

Hidden spaces to watch out for include:

  • Corners and tight spots where water and moisture can build up. Water and moisture attract dirt and promote mould, avoid mess from the get-go by keeping these spaces dry.
  • Your shower floor and walls. Invest in a shower squeegee and remember to use it! When it comes to mould build up, it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Around your taps. Dental floss is a handy tool for removing grime from those hard-to-reach places. Simply floss in the crevices, such as in between the tap and basin to remove build up.

Follow these tips and your bathroom can stay this clean forever

#2 Use mild disinfectants

Keep your taps, tiles and bathtub clean by using mild, ammonia-free detergents. Not only are they less damaging than harsh cleaning products such as bleach, but they are better for the environment and for the people using the space too.

Not only does it extend your bathroom's life, but a short and sweet cleaning routine is easier to stay on top of

#3 Don’t forget about the drains

Our top drain care tip is about prevention, rather than correction. To avoid having to deal with a clogged drain, we recommend a simple monthly routine:

  • Pour some boiling hot water down the drain, followed by a cup of baking soda.
  • Add a cup of white vinegar and another cup of hot water, then leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Flush out with water from the tap or outlet.

This useful trick uses plumbing-friendly products to prevent build-up from soap residue and hair, keeping your drains sparkling clean and removing unwanted scents from entering the bathroom.

#4 Keep the air flowing

Our top tip for keeping your bathroom fresh day-to-day is to make sure that you keep it well ventilated.

Cracking open a window or using the exhaust fan, especially when you shower, lets air move through the space and prevents moisture, removing mould and mildew—which is the biggest killer of that new bathroom buzz.

Bathroom products like dental floss and toothbrushes can have a second life as grime removers in hard-to-reach spots

#5. Embrace storage solutions

Was one of your new bathroom goals to embrace clutter-free living?

Create a practical storage system that works for you by investing some time into thinking about what you use the most and where it should live. A little up-front organisation will keep your bathroom tidy for years to come, as clutter can seriously reduce the zen factor in any room of the home.