5 Tips On Working With Your Tradies During COVID-19

5 Tips On Working With Your Tradies During COVID-19

There would usually be no problem picking up the phone and calling a tradie for work around the house, but whether it’s a planned renovations or an unexpected leak or broken toilet, you may now be hesitant to do so during the implications of COVID-19.

The positive news is that yes – you can still contact your plumber or get a tradie in for an emergency repair. Plumbing is an essential service and keeps our homes healthy and safe.

With enforcements like social distancing in place, how can you make sure your trades are comfortable to visit? And what about approaching a new tradie to discuss a home improvement?

Video call them before their visit

Holding a video consultation before a tradie arrives is a great way to help them understand your problem or brief them on the work that needs to be done, while avoiding the need for them to visit your property unnecessarily.

It’s also good opportunity to ask them what practices they’re following in light of COVID-19. Be prepared for them to ask if those in your household have been self-isolating, if anyone falls in the high risk category (such as an elderly resident) and how many people are residing in your property, too.

Clean your bathroom as best you can

High-traffic areas like the toilet seat, flush button, towel rail, light switches, taps and shower doors or handles should be given a thorough clean before your trade’s arrival.

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It’s best to limit use of the facilities before the tradie arrives, so watch out for people using the bathroom just before they get there.

Social distancing applies to the home

While it’s your home, it’s also a tradie’s workplace, so respect the 1.5m social distancing regulations in force.

Video calls to see progress or problems first-hand is ultimately the safest way to limit exposure to each other.

Dealing with multiple tradies

Reducing the number of tradies coming to your home is key to limiting everyone’s exposure to COVID-19. If you’re working on a project with several tradie professions, schedule their jobs at different times or on different days.

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It may require more coordination than you’re used to, but your team want to work in the safest conditions possible. Collaborating on a way forward is your best way to finishing your project efficiently and safely.

More than just a tidy up job

When your tradie’s finished – either for the day, or at the end of a call out – clean the areas thoroughly. It’s crucial to wipe down all of your surfaces and fixtures as well as you can.

Remember, your health is paramount, so don’t hold off what could make a big difference to your hygiene at home.

*This information was published on Monday 20th April, and the situation may have changed. We endeavour to keep this up-to-date, in line with current regulation, but please check with your local authority on any developments in your area.