5 Ways to Create The Ultimate Personalised Shower Experience

5 Ways to Create The Ultimate Personalised Shower Experience

Most of us start or end our day in the shower, so creating a space that’s fully catered to you will transform the mundane to an experience you’ll enjoy for years to come.

The key to transforming this experience comes down to deciding what shower features and technologies are important to you.

From different shower heads for a variety of purposes to one-touch temperature and pressure control, here’s how to customise your shower experience to perfectly match your preference.

Mizu Bloc Overhead Shower.

#1 Overhead showers

This showerhead can evoke the soothing effect of a drenching rainshower, the fine mist of sea spray or the high pressure of a waterfall.

Overhead showers can be installed into ceilings or on arms attached to the ceiling or wall. They provide a clean look that’s free of visual clutter, which is a bonus if you’re looking to achieve a minimalist aesthetic.

Product picks
We love the overhead drenching of the GROHE Overhead Rainshower or the Mizu Drift Overhead with its range of four finishes.

GROHE Power & Soul Rail Shower.

#2 Rail showers

These showers provide true flexibility, letting you adjust the position and angle of the spray by sliding the shower up and down on the attached rail.

They’re detachable for even more versatility and are great for users of all heights, making it worthwhile to consider one for a guest bathroom.

Product picks
The Posh Domaine Rail Shower features a classic look suitable for any space in both matte black and chrome options, while the GROHE Power & Soul Rail Shower has 16 shower spray options for a personalised experience.

#3 Hand showers

A hand shower gives you all the benefits of a fixed showerhead but with the flexibility to detach and wash specific areas of your body or clean the shower enclosure. If you’re renovating and don’t want to change your waterpoint, rail showers can be an easy, fuss-free way to update your showerhead.

Product picks
The Mizu Bloc Mk2 Handshower can adapt for bathrooms of any style, available in both chrome and matte black.

  • Posh Canterbury Twin Telephone Shower Set.

  • Posh Domaine Twin Rail Shower.

  • Posh Domaine Twin Rail Shower.

#4 Twin showers

These showers, also known as twin rail showers, let you pair your favourite overhead spray with a flexible detatchable shower head. Twin showers are a popular choice in Australian households, particularly for busy main bathrooms and rentals.

They’re a popular choice for busy main bathrooms and rentals, because different users may have differing shower preferences. One user may prefer a drenching overhead shower, and the other uses the handpiece to wash their hair.

Products picks
The Mizu Drift Twin Waterrail features a contemporary design for any family bathroom and is available in four finishes to suit any colour palette, while the Posh Cantebury Telephone Shower is perfect for a traditional or neoclassic space.

  • GROHE Rainshower SmartControl Shower.

  • GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer.

#5 Thermostatic showers

The latest technological innovation to enter Australian bathrooms, thermostatic mixers fix your perfect shower experience everytime. With just the push of a button, you can enjoy a consistent water temperature, flow and pressure.

One of the main benefits of thermostatic mixers are they prevent hot and cold water fluctuations when a tap is turned on elsewhere in the house, so they’re both consistent and safe for all family members.

Product pick
The GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic lets you control two different water outlets from the one mixer.

To experience all the showers in person, visit your nearest Bathroom Life Showroom to experiment with the different configurations and water sprays yourself.