Built to Last: Renovating Forever Family Homes with El'ise & Matt

Built to Last: Renovating Forever Family Homes with El'ise & Matt

The Block’s El’ise and Matt are no strangers to creating functional family forever-homes.

Following the reveal of their family home’s kitchen and laundry, the former Blockheads give us five handy hints for creating a space that’s simple and elegant as it is family-friendly.

#1: Get inspired

When renovating their family home, gathering inspiration was a key starting point for the journey ahead.

Take it from El’ise. She highlights the value of making separate lists for your ‘must haves’ as well as your wishlist.

“Don’t be shy! Add everything you dream for in your spaces. The last thing you want is regret after spending your hard-earned cash on any renovations.”

#2: Think functionality

When creating a home for the whole household, it’s twice as important to make sure your space is functional. El’ise and Matt’s new home is made to last and grow with the family:

"We wanted to create zones in the home so as the kids got older, they can have spaces that they can feel comfortable in as well as areas for the parents," Matt explains.

Functionality can manifest in ways big and small.

For example, to grant more counter space for their kitchen island counter, the couple went with a smaller Franke Impact White Basin, knowing that the butler’s pantry can also handle some of the demands of a busy family space.

#3: Budget, budget, budget!

A key takeaway from El’ise is to go all out with your budgeting. A bit of research can go a long way and it can help brace you for any unexpected costs.

For example, their stone benchtops are a hero for their kitchen. However, El’ise made the discovery that there’s more to it than just purchasing and installation:

“To make sure that your stone is in the best hands, you must have an experienced Stonemason, one that’s been working with natural stones for many years.

"We rested easy knowing we did our research and selected a company that we knew was going to produce a quality product."

#4: It’s who you know…

Being an industry pro, Matt has given us his two cents on finding the perfect trade for your renovation:

“The best type of research I can recommend is word of mouth. Talk to friends, family and colleagues as this is where you are going to get a true indication of quality and cost.

“It all comes down to communication and organisation. Get multiple quotes for comparing and have a plan so you can articulate what you really want without trades guessing.”

#5: Get with the times

Going back to functional living, El’ise and Matt left no stone unturned when it came to utilising innovative tech for their kitchen.

"We found that the variety of products that Reece offered gave us the opportunity to push the boundaries, whether it was metals, tones or Smart technology."

Taps like the Memo Sia Sensor Gooseneck Sink Mixer are perfect for families because it includes a sensor for hands-free use, which ups the hygiene while minimising mess.

“I was always wiping down the old mixer daily because of the kids touching it or even after us cooking. Also, the timer on the side ensures that the kids don’t leave the tap running too long – saving water!”

With any project, we encourage you to go all out with your creativity. However, by thinking about functionality and doing more research, you can bring your renovation to the next level.