Erin's Urban Farmhouse: Three Birds Renovations House 16

Erin's Urban Farmhouse: Three Birds Renovations House 16

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We're thrilled to take you behind the scenes of Erin Cayless' remarkable Urban Farmhouse renovation, an extra special project for the team at Three Birds Renovations as they renovate a home for Erin, one of their very own. Post renovation, we chatted with the women to hear all about their journey. Here’s what they had to share about this remarkable reno...

For Erin, this project wasn't just about renovating a house; it was striking the perfect balance of the warmth and character of a traditional farmhouse while embracing the conveniences of modern living. Erin had a vision for the two-story brick home with a terracotta roof, and how she could upgrade this space to meet her family of five’s needs.

Drawing inspiration from the rustic charm of rural farmhouses, from the moment she laid eyes on the property, Erin envisioned a space that would evoke a sense of nostalgia while remaining distinctly contemporary.

The key challenges in this renovation were optimising floor plans and selecting the perfect fittings and fixtures that would be the key to marrying form and function in Erin’s home. Leaning on our Imagin3D planning tool to assist with layouts and help visualise how the products would work in the space.

After refining plans, Erin's design vision began to take shape, with each room a testament to her keen eye for detail and her unwavering commitment to excellence. From the cozy atmosphere of the neutral color palette to the inviting warmth of timber accents with pieces like the ISSY Cloud and Kado Aspect Vanity to every element was carefully curated to create a space that felt both timeless and inviting.

The true hero of the home that optimised the farmhouse charm was the heritage details in the tapware, fixtures and sinks Erin used throughout the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom spaces; our stunning Milli Voir collection in matte black, brought an urban edge to the project. Erin fell in love with the Memo Harper Fireclay Sink in the kitchen and laundry. Labeling it “the ultimate farmhouse fireclay fluted kitchen sink. She followed “You can’t help but run your fingers along the gorgeous fluting.”

And at the heart of it all were the timeless, quality product selections —a perfect blend of form and function that elevated every room. From the sculptural elegance of the LAUFEN Alessi One Counter Basin to the timeless allure of the Omvivo Villa Freestanding bath and matching basins in Erin’s ensuite, each piece was chosen with care to evoke a sense of luxury and serenity.

So how did the Birds manage to stay true to Erin’s vision? Erin shares her tips for future renovators, "Create a vision board, design a space that's pretty and practical, nail your layout, and start shopping early."

“The Reece Imagin3D Planner is a great tool to help with planning layouts, especially in tight spaces like Erin’s ensuite. Despite the small size of the ensuite, Erin was committed to fitting her entire wishlist, including a double vanity, bath, shower and toilet. It’s a lot in a little space so the Reece Imagin3D Planner was a great tool to play around with the layout and make sure everything fits perfectly.

We always recommend a trip to your local Reece Showroom when choosing products. There’s no better way to select the best products for your home than eye-balling them in person, touching the finishes, lying in the baths and sitting on the toilets to test the height (fully clothed of course!) before you purchase.” - Three Birds Renovations

We love the way this project turned out. You can always count on the team at Three Birds to execute to the brief and every inch of this space feels cohesive and speaks to the Urban Farmhouse aesthetic Erin was after.

Want to see more? Come with Erin as she walks us through her main bathroom.