How Smart Irrigation In Your Garden Can Save You Time, Money and The Environment

How Smart Irrigation In Your Garden Can Save You Time, Money and The Environment

Leaving home without turning the sprinklers off is an Aussie rite of passage. A Smart Irrigation system can help avoid wasted water, changing your garden for the better — green thumb or not! Let Smart Irrigation do the work for you and you’ll save money, time and the environment.

With expert advice from Reece’s Irrigation Design Manager Damian Cullen and landscaping veteran Dave Franklin, we found out how adopting Smart Irrigation will make an impact in your garden.

#1: What is Smart Irrigation?

Smart Irrigation systems modernise water management to create healthier gardens, lower water and energy use and reduced maintenance. They deliver the right amount of water at the right time, so your landscape stays looking lush all year round.

The Block 2020 homes use Smart Irrigation to keep their landscape green.

Landscape expert Dave Franklin—commonly known for his appearances on The Block—values the convenience of Smart Irrigation. “Everyone’s trying to save water and the environment at the moment so this can only be seen as a great thing to come to market.”

The smart products making the magic happen include automatic controllers, rain sensors and weather stations, and pressure regulated pop-ups and sprays.

#2 What are the benefits of Smart Irrigation?

One of the most amazing features of a Smart Irrigation system; you'll save time you’d normally have to spend working out confusing watering equations and schedules. Dave Franklin thinks this is something to be excited about, “get a controller that connects to local weather data and automates watering so you can simply set and forget, giving you peace of mind that your garden will thrive.”

Dripline ensures water reaches exactly where the plants need it.

Saving water is not a new thing for Australians, but Smart Irrigation systems are next level, reducing water usage by up to 50% compared to conventional systems. The secret is only watering when and where it’s needed, and Smart Irrigation systems take into account the type of soil, plants and sprinklers used in your garden to optimise watering.

"The system also understands the weather. If it’s a hot day, it will apply water—when it’s raining, it stays off."
Damian Cullen, Reece Irrigation Design

Dropping your water usage directly collates with lower energy use, meaning your water and energy bills will be cut dramatically. Dave believes investing in a Smart Irrigation system “is a minimal cost for such huge savings in the long term.”

#3 How to design your Smart Irrigation system

Now that the benefits of installing a Smart Irrigation system are clear—the next step is to design the right system for your garden. Reece’s certified team of irrigation designers provide a detailed plan tailored to suit the needs of your landscape.

When implementing your personalised irrigation plan, the team liaise with your professional landscaper to ensure the system runs smoothly and your garden thrives. The design team will provide a system that is highly efficient, low maintenance, and customised to your individual needs.

Reece’s team of irrigation designers set your garden up for success with their detailed plan.

A fully functional and enduring garden is at the forefront of people like Damian and Dave’s mind when designing your outdoor space.

Dave was one of Reece Irrigation & Pools’ very first customers and feels very confident in how the Smart Irrigation systems work for his projects, “My guys have gone down to Reece and have been educated about the new smart technologies, ensuring they understand the system and what it provides.”