Our Step by Step Guide to Product Selection Day

Our Step by Step Guide to Product Selection Day

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Product selection day. An important and exciting step in the renovation process. We've jotted down our insider tips and everything you need to know to be fully prepared to head in store! The outcome? A dream bathroom with a stress free and seamless journey.

Before You Begin:

Preparation is key

If you find yourself at square one, our renovation guide is an excellent resource, providing you with the basics of planning and design inspiration.

Get clear on your measurements

Ensure you have accurate room measurements and layout plans, including any doorways, windows, or nib walls. It's handy to also have existing plumbing and drainage location information on hand.

Product Dimensions

Utilise our Imagin3D tool, our 3D Planner to help you create a visual representation of your bathroom. This tool can help you understand how different products will fit within the space and really start creating a clear visual. Hot tip: This is also a great tool to share with your team of trades and consultants to communicate your plan. 

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Build a moodboard that reflects your design aesthetic. This invaluable tool will aid in effectively communicating your color and finish preferences to consultants and designers, which will help them point you in the right direction and make your product selection process as smooth as possible. Moodboard-ing not your thing? Take some inspiration from the latest of The Block bathroom reveals of The Block 2023 here.

Build a checklist:

Develop a checklist encompassing all the decisions and orders you need to make. This methodical approach helps you keep track and ensures no important aspect is overlooked. Rest assured our team of consultants can help you with this and through consultation will prompt you with questions on your requirements.

Prioritise your preferences:

Identify which product features matter most to you, be it sustainability, a bath for the family, Australian made products, smart technology integration, or specific delivery timelines. Think about modern additions like LED mirrors, Smart Toilets, sensor tapware, and thermostatic shower mixers to enhance convenience and potentially increase your bathroom's resale value. If you have any questions, add them to your checklist to raise with your consultant.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Want an expert opinion or extra info on products you’re struggling to decide on? Schedule a consultation with our showroom experts. Their expertise will guide you through the process and provide answers to any queries you might have. We offer instore, online or over the phone consults.

Whilst you’re at the Showroom

Bring in the experts

If you're uncertain about your measurements, consider bringing along your plumber, designer, or any team member willing to assist. Their insights can prove invaluable.

Get your consultant up to speed

Engage in a detailed conversation with your consultant. Share your plans, concerns, budget constraints, timelines, and your team of tradespeople. This knowledge allows your consultant to provide tailored recommendations and a personalised approach.

Take your products for a test drive

Interact with the products in various lighting conditions. This ensures that your choices remain appealing under different light settings and you don’t get any surprises once they’re installed. Or take our showers for a test run with our working shower display wall.

Match and compare finishes

Align your potential selections with other finishes in your space, such as tiles, paint samples, and light fixtures. This step guarantees visual cohesiveness across your bathroom design and that everything matches back to your moodboard and vision.

Stay on course

Frequently refer to your checklist and budget to maintain a clear overview of your progress.

Be aware of lead times:

Confirm the lead times for your chosen products and ensure they align with crucial project milestones.

Any renovation or new build is an exciting and momentous time, enjoy, have fun, refer to this guide and happy selecting!