Seven Emerging Trends from ISH 2023

Seven Emerging Trends from ISH 2023

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ISH is the world’s leading and biggest trade fair for HVAC and water, our product specialists attend each event to gain insights on the latest products and trends forecasted for the future. There were seven trends that really stood out to us.


As we all know, customers are always wanting more ways they can personalise their homes. It therefore wasn’t a surprise that colour was everywhere. Everything from bold, pastel, muted and earthy tones across a range of bathroom categories including toilets, basins and baths.

Matte White

Is matte white the new matte black? We’re seeing everything from basins to tapware. This new trend is timeless, clean and easy for customers to include in their bathrooms for a cohesive look. You can expect to see our portfolio expand in this space and to see it continue growing in popularity.

Textured Finishes

From subtle, classic details to overt textures, we saw plenty of interesting finishes. This will continue evolving over the next few years, so get ready to embrace texture!


Another growing category, we were pleased to see an increase in sustainable products, with plenty of recycled materials being used in product creation.


Sensors were taking over. We saw plenty of examples of form meeting function, with sensor products having sleek, modern designs and improving the flow in your customer’s home.

Smart Toilets

Smart Toilets will not be going anywhere. Think improved technology and design enhancing your customers experience in the toilet.

Push/Turn Technology

Expect to start seeing more of the Push/Turn technology in market, making it easy for customers to adjust the dial, their flow and temperature.