Talking Trades: the Six Key Milestones of a Bathroom Build

Talking Trades: the Six Key Milestones of a Bathroom Build

Embarking on a bathroom renovation is exciting and there are plenty of decisions that need to be made so the process is simple and the outcome successful.

The planning stages can make or break a successful project, so we’re shedding light on the six key milestones to look out for during your renovation.

#1 Nailing the planning stage

The pre-build stage happens before any building can commence, which can be at least 10 weeks before you anticipate any work starting.

This is when you’ll need to scope out the project and engage with your tradespeople, select and order your products, and look at options for additional accommodation if required.

#2 Meet and greet

It’s time to hone in on the details with your team in a pre-build meeting. This is where you’ll discuss what you want to achieve in the space before the work begins – from tile patterns to grout colours, even to power point locations.

#3 Preparing to transform

Your team will need 2-4 days to set up the workspace. In this time, they’ll seal off rooms if required, demolish the old bathroom if you’re renovating, bring in their equipment and, most importantly, check that all your products have arrived and are correct ready for installation.

#4 See the change

Over the next two working weeks, the bathroom will really start to take shape. Plumbers and electricians will install wires and pipes, builders will commence and tilers will begin to lay – it’s all systems go!

#5 The finishing touches

Work will slow down at this point, but it’s so that all the final details can be perfected. Over the next 4-5 days, accessories and final fittings will be installed, edges will be sealed with silicone, and any shower screens will be installed.

#6 The final stretch

You’ll have a couple of days to inspect all the amazing work your team has completed. Make sure you’re completely happy with all the details before you sign off with your project manager and team.

Every successful project needs a solid plan, which is why we’ve created The Bathroom Kit. From creating your mood board, to understanding the terms tradespeople will use, it’s got everything you need to create a bathroom better than you imagined.