Talking Trends: How Hotels are Inspiring the Perfect Staycation Bathroom

Talking Trends: How Hotels are Inspiring the Perfect Staycation Bathroom

Hotels focus a lot of effort in designing every element perfectly, to make everything you experience feel special and luxurious.

Ever thought about recreating your favourite hotel experiences in your own home? We’ve brought together key trend insights, as well as practical tips, so you can do just that.

Building the look

Large stone or marble tiles, which are both tactile and easier to clean, are regular features in a hotel-inspired bathroom. From this base, pair the tiles with a colour scheme that adds a dramatic flair, like black metallic frames or taps with brushed finishes. Hotel-inspired design is all about those little details that, when brought together, feel a bit lavish.

The must haves

The first thing you’ll want to see when you walk into the room is the hero piece. This should demand attention and emphasise a sense of luxury. A statement like the ISSY Blossom vanity, with its striking panels and range of colours, adds to the opulent colour story.

A freestanding bath like the Kado Lussi represents the current mood for curves and invites you to take a relaxing full-body soak. Solid surface products, like this one, create a high end feel with their matte finish.

Adorn the space in striking and textured metallic taps; consider them jewellery on the walls. The GROHE Essence range comes in a range of finishes like brushed nickel, cool sunrise or hard graphite. But don't stop there with colour; explore how you can extend the colour story in your space to the shower with the likes of an overhead rain shower from Mizu, matching colour  used elsewhere. These smaller features add a luxurious touch.

Catering to your needs

What we love about a hotel stay is that you feel like the experience is being created especially for you. Replicate that feeling at home by thinking about how different members of the household will use the space.

In the main bathroom, consider a bath and separate shower for different users’ needs. In the ensuite, focus on making the space cater to its users. For example, this could be a double shower wet zone, and in the powder room go big with mirrors and undermount basins to maximise available space.