The 6 Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Project in 2020

The 6 Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Project in 2020

From first choice products and popular materials to changes in how Australian bathrooms are being designed, this year is shaping up to be a trend-setter.

The biggest trends in the bathroom this year all speak to a simple principle: people want to design a space that is acutely responsive to their needs. Customisation is the overarching theme, but how does that come to life in colour, material and product choices?

We’ve put together the top 6 trends we’re seeing in bathrooms right now to give you direction for your 2020 renovation.

#1: Balancing openness and privacy

With a focus on flow from the bedroom to the ensuite and open plan design a popular choice throughout the home, we’re seeing a rise in wider entrances to the ensuite, particularly through the walk-in robe.

When it comes to privacy in the bathroom, it’s always been a goal for bathroom designers to keep the toilet out of vision upon entrance to the space. We’re now seeing the toilet hidden in its own space behind fogged or textured glass, even tucked away in its own room for added privacy.

  • This bathroom by 2019 Blockheads Jesse & Mel makes great use of fogged glass.

  • This bathroom by 2019 Blockheads Jesse & Mel makes great use of fogged glass.

#2: Natural materials reign supreme

Natural finishes like timber, stone and textured metallics are taking off in a big way. Tactile materials are increasing in popularity throughout the bathroom space, like the stone-look finish of the Omvivo Villa range basins and baths. Alongside basins and baths, stone and marble finishes in vanity benchtops continue to be popular.

#3: #TrendingTaps

While chrome taps and fixtures remain Australia’s number one choice, materials like brushed nickel and gunmetal continue to grow in popularity. These finishes are subtle and easily complement most other finishes in the bathroom, so they’re worthwhile exploring if brushed gold and brass don’t fit with your overall look.

Finishes are not just on the top of the wish list either, with texture just as important. Taps like the Milli Pure range come in plenty of texture choices, from linear to diamond finishes for added detail in your taps.

These textured taps from Milli Pure are a beautiful take on a functional product.

#4: Clean lines

The humble vanity is getting a style makeover, with many Australians choosing to tap into the clean line trend by using under counter and inset basins to create a seamless look. Not just aesthetically pleasing, under counter and integrated basins are great for practical reasons too, with cleaning as simple as wiping straight into the basin.

This Issy Glide integrated basin removes clutter and is practical to maintain as well.

#5: All eyes on the shower

In the overall bathroom, the shower enclosure is seen as the destination for relaxation. The importance of the shower enclosure itself is integral to creating a harmonious space. From frameless shower screens that open up the space to textured or fogged glass – more home buyers are choosing to create a shower enclosure that’s functional for all occasions. Contact your local Reece showroom to explore the vast shower screen options available.

This enormous glass panel from The Block 2019 opens up the space with dual entrances, making the bathroom appear much larger.

When it comes to the shower itself, people are really opting for luxurious showering experiences. Thermostatic mixers are popular in Europe, but are still in the early stages of the Australian market. Thermostatics allow individuals to pre-set their flow and pressure preferences for a perfect shower at the touch of a button.

One of the main benefits of thermostatic mixers is their ability to maintain temperature even when others are using water throughout the home – fear the washing machine no more!

The thermostatic mixer is sleek and integrates with any type of showerhead.

#6: A space to reflect

Mirrors are experiencing their moment to in the spotlight. Geometric forms, arched mirrors, proud circular mirrors and those that add functionality such as defoggers are taking the bathroom by storm.

LED mirrors that balance the light, depending on the time of day, are innovations that are long overdue! Finally, mirrors are more readily available in finishes that match with joinery and vanity materials, so the mirror no longer feels out of place with other key bathroom items.