The Award-Winning Bathrooms of 2023

The Award-Winning Bathrooms of 2023

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Do these bathrooms look familiar to you? They’re our 2023 award winners! We are thrilled to be celebrating our talented customers who won HIA or Master Builders Association awards in 2023 with these stunning Reece bathrooms. Let’s take a closer look at the award winners and get a breakdown of the brands they used to create the look.

1. Second Generation Builders: HIA Northern Victoria Bathroom of the Year 2023

Teaming up with Flying Pig Design, this Tatura bathroom basks in the glow of a fully glazed ceiling, stretching light and grandeur across the entire shower. VJ panels and floor-to-ceiling tiles harmonise with a timber vanity, while the judges applauded the flawless layout and craftsmanship.

Featured Reece brands: Kado.

2. Mark King - King Homes: NSW Emerging Builder Winner 2023

Mark King's vision goes beyond volume, transforming King Homes NSW into a premier mid-level custom builder. His expertise shines through in this award-winning bathroom, where dark timber, slate tiles, and a grey concrete basin blend seamlessly with the matte black textures of the Milli Pure and Mood collections for a modern, polished edge.

Featured Reece brands: Mizu.

3. Giorgio Architects and Builders: New Bathroom Over $35,000 Winner - Western Australia

Prepare to be mesmerised by this moody masterpiece in Cottesloe. A symphony of textures unfolds, with dark timber in the vanity, slate tiles, and a grey concrete basin tied together with the matte black accents of the Milli Pure and Mood collections. This is luxury redefined, with a soft glow of modern elegance.

Featured Reece brands: Milli, Mizu, Geberit & Kado.

4. Better Built Homes: 2023 NSW Professional Medium Builder / Renovator Winner

Better Built Homes has built a reputation for marrying thoughtful design with superior craftsmanship. Their award-winning bathroom embodies this philosophy, showcasing a seamless blend of functionality and beauty.

Featured Reece brands: Milli, Roca & Posh.

5. Catherine de Meur Interiors: HIA Australian Bathroom Design Winner 2023

Bow down to the queen of curves! Catherine de Meur's award-winning bathroom is a dramatic ode to glamour, defying spatial limitations with clever lighting and oversized features. Brass accents add a touch of timeless elegance, while the use of matte materials amplifies the interplay of light and shadow working, with excellent tile and stone supplies from Sareen Stone.

Featured Reece brands: ISSY, Mizu, LAUFEN & Hideaway+.

6. 4Life Constructions: 2023 South Australian Coastal Home of The Year Winner

This coastal gem embraces its seaside location with open arms. Soft curves and a hint of mid-century flair dance hand-in-hand, creating a bathroom that's as refreshing as the ocean breeze itself.

Featured Reece brands: Memo, Roca, Milli & Hideaway+.

7. South Coast Constructions: Winner 2023 South Australia Lightweight Housing

This award-winning bathroom proves that lightweight housing doesn't have to compromise on style. External cladding artfully evokes true Hamptons architecture, while natural light and impeccable colour choices create a harmonious ambiance.

Featured Reece brands: Memo, American Standard, Kado & Milli.

8. Weeks Homes: 2023 South Australia HIA Professional Major Builder Winner

Weeks Homes understands the journey to building your dream home. Their award reflects their commitment to creating quality homes and customer care with form and functionality at the centre of each build.

9. Allcastle Homes: Display Home of the Year Winner

The "Bannaby Apollo 36" is a Hamptons-inspired dream, designed to make the most of narrow lots. Step inside the bathroom and prepare to be dazzled by meticulous attention to detail and an abundance of luxurious amenities.

Featured Reece brands: Mizu & Posh.

10. McDonald Jones Homes: Housing (Residential) Display Homes Winner

The Hermitage Grand Manor Design in Box Hill, NSW, is a testament to McDonald Jones' dedication to grandeur. The bathroom is no exception, boasting spaciousness, attention to detail and a well-proportioned layout.

Featured Reece brands: Kado.

11. Metricon Homes: Winner 2023 Hunter Excellence in Showroom Display

Metricon's award-winning showroom transports you into the heart of your dream home. Immerse yourself in a boundless world of inspiration, where expert guidance unlocks limitless design possibilities. It's not just a showroom; it's the first step towards crafting your personal oasis.

Featured Reece brands: Milli.