The Best Of The Block 2019 With Alisa & Lysandra

The Best Of The Block 2019 With Alisa & Lysandra

The Best of The Block 2019

The best bathrooms of The Block 2019 excelled in both design choices and layout. What we loved about this season was the diverse choices and unique style that each of the couples delivered. There was simply no home that looked like a carbon copy of the other. The bathrooms this year packed a visual punch and here are our top five picks of 2019:

Andy and Deb's Main Bathroom:

Andy and Deb’s consistent design choices across their home certainly resonated with us and mixing the natural timber vanity with the Omvivo Venice Solid Surface Basin was an inviting combination as you enter the main bathroom. The day spa vibe continued with their generously sized statement bath, Kado Lussi, and the perfect styling to encourage a long relaxing soak. To bring the look together they used tumbled brass tapware and fittings, adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise neutral space.

Jesse and Mel's Master Ensuite

Jesse and Mel’s bright and white bathroom with ample natural light envokes ‘cloud-like’ vibes but was perfectly balanced with the inclusion of a dark and dramatic Kado Lux Wall Hung Vanity. The Posh Solus Freestanding Bath takes centre stage; however, this layout design makes excellent use of the available space and doesn’t compromise on any inclusions. We particularly loved the discretely hidden toilet behind an opaque glass door. It leaves you wondering - who will be using the main bathroom with all this luxury in the ensuite?

Andy and Deb's Master Ensuite

Andy and Deb’s Master Ensuite and Main Bathroom are more or less mirror images of one another with matching fixtures and fittings. The same colour palette and Tumbled Brass tapware keep with the continuity of the home and the stylish Roca In-Wash® Inspira Wall Hung Toilet brings a level of luxury to this earthy and welcoming bathroom. We love that this space was designed with dual usage in mind, ensuring that a couple could adequately access the basin and shower simultaneously. This space is as beautiful as it is functional, while keeping cohesion at the forefront.

Tess and Luke's Main Bathroom

Perhaps the most on-trend bathroom of The Block for 2019, Tess and Luke’s winning Main bathroom was bold and sophisticated. The finger tiles, grey basins and Posh Domaine Vanity created a modern and unique design that stands out amongst The Block bathrooms for its point of difference. The Mizu Stream Brushed Nickel fittings kept with the cool tones of the room but were a much more glamorous choice than a simple chrome. They certainly maximised the space made available to them by creating a wet zone that accommodates both a family-friendly bath and shower.

Mitch and Mark's Studio Ensuite

Luxury, comfort, storage, technology and wow factor were all achieved with Mitch and Mark’s Studio Ensuite. The Navy and gold made for a winning combination and tied in beautifully with the adjoining spaces. The high backed LAUFEN Palomba bath makes the undeniable statement that this bathroom is for occupants that relish in the finer things in life. Bold gold handles on the Kado Lux Vanity created elegant and ample storage for this crowd-pleasing space. The boys finished their bathroom design on a high note with this glamorous ensuite.

2019 on The Block, while challenging for the contestants, really gave audiences an amazing insight into the different layouts, styles and designs available to bring their renovation/build to life. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2020 Blockheads!

Alisa and Lysandra xx