The Block 2020: Former Contestants Share Their Powder Room Tips

The Block 2020: Former Contestants Share Their Powder Room Tips

With hallways, powder rooms and laundries to be completed, our Blockheads definitely have their work cut out for them this week. We spoke to experts of such a project — some of last year’s former contestants — for their advice for how to stay on budget and on track.

Get organised

Any reno has many moving parts, but working on multiple rooms at once takes things to the next level. Every former contestant agreed that being organised is essential. Mitch and Mark said that when you’re renovating multiple rooms, there’s nothing more important than a plan.

“Have a plan, and make quick and effective decisions.” Future renovators may not have the time pressure of The Block, so a clear and concise plan keeps everyone on the same page.

Mitch and Mark had a vision for their hallway week that meant they were able to make decisions on the fly.

El’ise and Matt’s top tip was to “get organised, and find trades you can trust who are transparent and explain everything to you.”

This is particularly true on The Block where contestants are their own project managers. But for future renovators, it’s helpful to know exactly where your money is being spent and when trades and deliveries are scheduled. If there’s any delays — which can unfortunately happen! — make sure to be on the ball to rejig your plan of attack if need be.

Communication is key

When multiple rooms are being worked on at once, keeping an open dialogue is essential. Deb and Andy agreed, saying, “communication is key. Communicate with your trades what you want and make sure they have the opportunity to communicate.”

Jesse and Mel had a futher tip for working with trades: “book one trade at a time so they’re not working over the top of eachother.” A lot of the time, tradies will need exclusive access to a space, so future renovators should keep that in mind when booking trade appointments.

Function without compromise

When it comes to the powder room, it’s a room that guests are almost guaranteed to see. Mitch and Mark said that future renovators should “create an ambiance that’s calm, glamorous and functional.”

El’ise and Matt’s powder room features a glamorous moody colour palette.

Guests should feel like every need is being met, the boys said — “where they can freshen up and feel a sense of indulgence.”

Get creative with style

Powder rooms often have a small footprint, which means they can be a great room to show off your style without breaking your budget. Deb and Andy agreed, saying future renovators should “have some fun in there,” and use it as an opportunity to bring through your personality.