The Block 2021: Meet This Year's Blockheads

The Block 2021: Meet This Year's Blockheads

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Plans have well and truly been thrown out of the window on this year’s Fans vs Faves iteration of The Block.

From old favourites to local celebs, we’ll see five diverse teams tackle renovations in the idyllic Melbourne suburb of Hampton. Seasoned Blockheads will be up against complete renovation rookies, making for a thrilling competition. There’s no knowing who’ll come out on top!

Watch the trailer for this year's hotly anticipated series!

Meet This Year's Contestants

Mitch & Mark

Ages: 58 and 59
Professions: Entrepreneurs
From: Sydney

Mitch and Mark first stole Australia’s hearts in 2019, taking home $384,000 in prize money after working on The Oslo in St Kilda.

Since their original stint on The Block, the glamorous grandads have renovated their own Northern Beaches home as well as developed their own brand.

With plenty of experience under their tool belts, we can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve this season!

Ronnie & Georgia

Ages: 45 and 37
Professions: Professional renovators
From: Perth

We first met Ronnie and Georgia in 2017, with the couple scoring five room reveal wins throughout the series set in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick.

Today, they renovate and flip houses for a living, making them the most experienced contestants on Fans vs Faves. Ronnie has even worked as a real estate agent in the past, giving the couple a competitive edge.

Our expectations are certainly high for this power couple!

Josh & Luke

Ages: 27
Professions: Ex-Love Island contestants
From: Sydney

Love Island Australia’s Josh and Luke are not only the youngest contestants this year, but also the least experienced when it comes to renovating. The celebrity twins vow that this won’t hold them back, however, as they’re prepared to put in plenty of hard work.

On top of their enthusiasm and spirit, the boys have a card up their sleeves with Josh's financial background. Perhaps this is what will let them stay on budget and ahead of the competition?

Tanya & Vito

Ages: 47 and 49
Professions: Makeup artist and business owner
From: Melbourne

Family-focused Tanya and Vito are ready to blitz the competition this year. Vito runs his own window furnishing business and Tanya has a background in fine arts, making the couple a force to be reckoned with.

While they don’t have any renovation experience, Tanya and Vito are sure to bring creative ideas and lots of grit to the show.

We can’t wait to see what this multitalented couple have up their sleeves!

Kirsty & Jesse

Ages: 32
Professions: Musician and director
From: Wangi Wangi

The only contestants from the country this year, Kirsty and Jesse are ready to make their mark on the competition. Kirsty is a well-known country music star, working alongside husband Jesse, who is a music video director.

This rock-solid couple are not only perfectly in sync but have also renovated a total of seven houses together, starting when they were just 18 years old!

We can’t wait to see what Kirsty and Jesse will deliver on this season of The Block.

Tune into Channel 9 on Sunday 8th August at 7 o’BLOCK to get in on the action!