The Block: Guest Ensuite Bathroom Recap – Alisa and Lysandra

The Block: Guest Ensuite Bathroom Recap – Alisa and Lysandra

Designing Bathrooms on The Block (or anywhere really) is not for the faint hearted. To seamlessly combine form and function in a tiny space where last minute changes are guaranteed to blow the budget, well it’s enough to do even the most cool, calm and collected Block contestant’s heads in. Unsurprisingly, the first bathrooms of the season always throw a few spanners in the works. Join us as we reflect on the highs and lows of the hotly anticipated week 1 rooms; The Guest Room Ensuites.

Andy & Deb

Things we liked: The tumbled brass taps brought a sense of luxury and a high-end feel to this bathroom. The Omvivo Neo wall hung vanity and Axo Uno rimless toilet were ultra-modern and highly functional selections, achieving what we consider to be a timeless look.

What we would do differently: The opening to the shower needed to be a little smaller to stop excess water from creating a slippery bathroom floor. There was definitely space for a wider shower screen and nib wall to prevent this.

Mitch & Mark

Things we liked: Mitch and Mark mixed luxe and affordable items to deliver a high-end room that wouldn’t come back to bite them with a hefty price tag. They spent big on a Roca Inspira Smart toilet and saved on quality but affordable Mizu Drift taps in Brushed Gold. The end result was a glamorous bathroom with a great mix of textures.

What we would do differently: The positioning of the shower over the nib wall takes away from the beauty of the tapware and makes the shower space look crowded. We would have alternatively used an over head shower or shifted the nib to the side wall.

El'ise & Matt

Things we liked: This couple really achieved an ultra-modern look with their selections, including the Alape Scopio Washstand in pressed enamel steel. It was great to see a bathroom with a point of difference from bathrooms we have seen previously on The Block. However, the custom joinery sizing was the wrong scale for both the basin and space.

What we would do differently: Whilst we can appreciate an adventurous choice, it called for a larger amount of storage in the shaving cabinet to compensate for the space lost in their vanity selection. For a bathroom this size, the storage is a little underwhelming and the mixture of multiple tiles was a little “busy” for our taste. We think 2 tiles provides ample contrast. Lastly, the lighting choice is the elephant in the room this week, and simply not needed.

Jesse & Mel

Things we liked: Despite being incomplete, we loved where this team are going with their product selections. The inclusion of the Kado Lux bath instantly gives that wow factor that the judges are looking for when scoring these rooms. It’s a centerpiece and draws the eye in the same way that a stunning piece of wall art would in an entrance hall. The selection of the Roca Inspira Vessel basin was a great choice as it’s thin edge is a sleek and refined look in a bathroom full of complimentary and sophisticated selections. This budget savvy team also opted for a door over a drawer to save costs in their Issy Halo Vanity. These small, budget conscious decisions really are essential from day dot on The Block.

What we would do differently: Unfortunately the potential of this room wasn’t realised due to the fact they ran out of time to finish. What this really highlights for us is just how much work goes into finishing these spaces in such a short amount of time and how the planning, communication and workload of all couples to meet those deadlines is extreme. We can’t wait to revisit this space upon completion and see how the contestants bring their vision to life.

Tess & Luke

Things we liked: This couple really nailed the practicalities essential for a successful bathroom design; ample storage and a classic double vanity. Their choice of a Kado Luxe double vanity (same as the boys but in a completely different light, with Mitch & mark using gold handles) is a generous and classically stylish inclusion for a guest ensuite. The matte black finish on their Posh Domaine Twin Shower, Mizu Stream Heated Towel Rail, and Alape Unisono Counter Basins gave a touch of drama to an otherwise stark space.

What we would do differently? We love to see a bathroom where aesthetics and function come together in harmony. Unfortunately the layout of the bathroom, whilst accessible, lacked the wow factor of their competitors. Recessing the shaving cabinets would have given a greater sense of space to a narrow bathroom, and there was a missed opportunity to make the bath a feature.

Alisa and Lysandra xx