The Block Master Ensuite Week: Former Contestants Share Their Success Secrets

The Block Master Ensuite Week: Former Contestants Share Their Success Secrets

After warming up with their guest ensuites, the master ensuite is the first true test for this season’s Blockheads. We spoke to some of last year’s contestants to discover how they created a space for relaxation and indulgence in their master ensuite.

Bathtub bliss

The number one piece of advice from our former Blockheads for any future renovator? If space allows, opt for a luxurious tub. Mitch and Mark mixed up their master ensuite week and brought it to life at a later date, but it was worth the wait — the “incredible bathtub was an amazing indulgence,” creating the perfect space for weekend relaxation.

Deb and Andy’s ensuite with relaxing freestanding bath in pride of place.

Deb and Andy agreed, saying that a “deep bath and a double shower is a must in your master ensuite”. However, El’ise and Matt cast a dissenting vote, saying that it’s better to save the bath for a space with higher traffic.

“I think the place for a bath is always in a main bathroom, one that’s always used.”

El’ise and Matt’s master ensuite features a prominent bath, but the couple would do things differently next time.

Deliberate design

There was more agreement over the importance of design. Jesse and Mel put the focus on balance — “symmetry always looks very sophisticated, so design the ensuite to be just that”. That means renovators should look to use matching basins and a spacious vanity, and centralise the bath and other single elements.

Jesse and Mel’s master ensuite keeps the bath in the middle to preserve balance.

El’ise and Matt recommended contestants and renovators think about how the ensuite will actually be used. “There’s nothing more indulgent than a double shower head – facing away from each other. Nobody needs to see each other wash!”

The luxe touch

Everyone agreed that contestants need to create those moments of everyday relaxation, as the master ensuite is all about indulgence. Deb and Andy advised that lighting can have a huge impact.

At night, Deb & Andy’s master ensuite transforms through controllable lighting.

"Strip lights around our mirrors, under our vanity and set into the wall meant you could have it all lit up… It not only looked amazing, but created ambience as well."

Contestants should look to maximise luxury at every point. Jesse and Mel said “double showerheads and a double vanity” were a must for that feeling of overall luxury. El'ise and Matt said not to overlook the little touches — “definitely, heated towel rails are key to indulgence.” No matter the style of your master ensuite, the advice from former Blockheads is to create a sense of elegance and class.