The Latest In Bathroom Products

The Latest In Bathroom Products

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Bathroom products are constantly innovating to update functionality and design. Here are the latest new arrivals at Reece for August 2022

Flexibility and personalisation

Mizu Silk is the latest addition to the best-selling tapware brand.

Mizu Silk Tapware

There’s a reason Mizu is the go-to tapware brand for so many Australian households - their ability to combine form and function is spot-on. Mizu’s latest release, Mizu Silk addresses two popular trends - paddle tapware and organic, soft curves.

Not quite round and not quite square, Mizu Silk is an adaptable collection made to suit any room, in any shape or style. Mizu Silk is available in four different finishes - chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, and brushed gunmetal; Silk is the first of the brand’s ranges to come in a brushed gunmetal finish - a growing trend in tapware finishes. This ability to mix and match to bring personalisation to your home’s finishes is at the forefront of Mizu’s product ranges. 

Mizu Silk Wall Mixers include Mizu Universal in-wall body technology. This convenient feature means you can install the behind-the-wall components before settling on your tapware design or finish, meaning you can wait until after your tiles are installed to decide which colour tapware will go best


In 2022, we’re all more aware than ever of the importance of hygiene in our homes. From air quality to germ control, we’re always looking at new ways to make our homes cleaner, safer places. Bathrooms offer a unique space for you to make leaps forward in this area.

Roca Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilet now comes with heated seat functionality

Roca Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilet

Roca is the leader when it comes to bathroom technology and innovation. Not only are they releasing incredible new products to improve our everyday hygiene, but they’re also doing it at all price points so there’s an accessible option for every home.

Roca’s latest offering is the Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilet, now with heated seat functionality. This smart toilet is perfect for those who crave hygiene and luxury. The Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilet combines rimless technology and smart toilet functionality to deliver the ultimate hygienic solution with four temperature settings for the most personalised comfort experience. 

The Roca Inspira In-Wash Smart Toilet is a part of our Smart Choice category. In this category, products go beyond aesthetics and deliver an enhanced experience. Innovation in the bathroom and kitchen space has transformed - making the spaces work for us in areas of wellness, hygiene, and functionality.Explore how some of these innovations can enhance your living.

Sumptuous curves

It's tempting to reference ‘curves’ in the home as a design trend, however it’s an enduring aesthetic that goes beyond being a ‘trend.’ Curves bring softness and femininity to a room’s design and provide timeliness and elegance to the space.

Curves in bathroom design aren’t going anywhere and we see this through the recent release of three stunning product ranges.

Cloud is ISSY by ZUSTER’s latest bathroom furniture collection

ISSY Cloud

Designed and produced by designer furniture powerhouse brand, Zuster, the ISSY Cloud is their fifth bespoke bathroom furniture collection. Sticking to their striking and identifiable aesthetic intricate detailing, American oak timber, and feminine detailing, ISSY Cloud melds form and function.

Available on elegant legs or completely elevated, ISSY cloud embraces curves as an enduring bathroom design feature.

ADP x Alisa & Lysandra bathroom furniture collaboration introduces a new vanity to the collection - Flo

ADP Flo by Alisa and Lysandra

ADP has teamed up with The Block alumni Alisa and Lysandra to design a range of vanities. Their latest release, ‘Flo’ combines modern and traditional details and has bold curves at the center of its design; think 1920’s art deco, meets modern Australian home. The Flo vanity features slim shaker-style drawers that work well in contemporary and traditional homes, and is available in a range of bold cabinet finishes

Memo Harper Butler Sink is now available in matte black

Memo Harper Butler Sink in Matte Black

Sticking with the ever-popular curved trend, Memo has released its Memo Harper Butler Sink in matte black.

The curves of this statement sink add a touch of farmhouse luxe; when combined with a matte black finish the result is an elevated contemporary look. The Memo Harper Butler Sink is available in three sizes to suit any kitchen or laundry and comes in either a classic, smooth front, or the farmhouse front with arch detailing (pictured)