The Tactility of Blossom: Nature On Full Display In ISSY’s New Collection By Zuster

The Tactility of Blossom: Nature On Full Display In ISSY’s New Collection By Zuster

There’s something special about the bathroom; it’s where we start and end our day and where we turn to in the home for restoration and rejuvenation.

Designed to help transform the busy bathroom zone into a beautiful private sanctuary, Blossom is an exquisite range of vanities, cabinets and mirrors that harnesses the organic curves and tactility of flora to bring a sense of warmth and indulgence to the bathroom.

Beautiful Blossom

Blossom, the fourth bespoke bathroom collection from ISSY by Zuster, was created by the sisters behind the Zuster brand – Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel. The collection

reimagines the bathroom vanity as a covetable, handcrafted centrepiece, paying homage to natural blossoms through decorative design detailing and luxurious tactility.

Elegant curves and textures hero the raw materiality of wood, stone and marble and combine these natural materials to clever use. This is particularly highlighted in the hand-finished wooden detailing – a signature three-dimensional oval patterned design - on the front of both the all-door and all-drawer vanity configurations.

“We have studied the beauty of flowers to create a collection that is both decorative and delicately organic,” says Zuster Design Director, Wilhelmina McCarroll.

Designed for women, by women

This highly functional and feminine collection was designed primarily for women, by women.

“I really enjoyed designing the Blossom range because I like to think about how we use the bathroom. Like us, many women are busy with family and work, and want to start and finish their day with an amazing experience at home,” says Wilhelmina.

Understanding the needs of women like themselves is key to what makes Blossom stand out, with a wealth of modern convenience within each piece.

Think concealed, soft-close vanity drawers that pop out with the tap of a finger and feature different compartments for all your personal grooming items, and mirror configurations that allow you to see your hair from every angle.

Handcrafted for personalisation

Designed with flexibility and personalisation in mind, each configuration can be customised to fit with a hugely diverse range of bathroom spaces and styles, with an abundance of storage and options for customisation.

The cornerstone of this level of personalised furniture lies in the ability to choose between six richly sumptuous American Oak finishes, four Corian handle finishes and two marble handles finishes.

Discover the range today.