Three Birds Renovations Prove You Can Transform a Bathroom on a Budget

Three Birds Renovations Prove You Can Transform a Bathroom on a Budget

The innovative Three Birds trio, Lana, Bonnie and Erin, are no rookies to the renovation game. But can they renovate a tired bathroom for under $5,000?

The ladies challenged themselves to create an unrecognisable, unbelievable new bathroom—without any demolition. With the help of Dulux and Reece Bathrooms, the trio will be relying on cosmetic changes to transform the dated space into a stylish haven.

Watch the video below.

Work with what you’ve got

The first crucial step in a reno, and a great tip from Three Birds Renovations; determine what stays and what goes. With cladded walls, stunning travertine floor files and in-tact gold towel rails, the trio had plenty to work with. They agreed that just replacing the taps and giving it a solid paint job would transform the space into something special.

Back at Three Birds HQ, Bonnie and Erin decided on a gorgeous warm colour palette, featuring green cabinetry and natural bone walls to really make the bathroom stand out. Accessorised with textured pieces, timber and marble, their goal for the renovation was to create a laid-back and relaxed feel.

  • Swipe across to see what it looked like before!

Beauty on a budget

With the outcome barely recognisable, Lana and Bonnie showed how easy it is to save money but still achieve an incredible result. Painting the arch mirror gold transformed the space for only $40, and with the money saved, the trio made a statement with the Posh Canterbury Hob Gooseneck Spa Set. Coupled with a mesmerisingly refreshed green vanity and statement feature lights, the space brings elegance and relaxation to the forefront.

The more traditional Kado Classic Gooseneck Shower Set appeals to the room’s vintage feel. Keeping the spout for the bath was a great way to save money, and adding the Posh Canterbury Wall Top Assemblies meant avoiding compromising on style.