Why Chrome Taps are Still Number One in Australian Bathrooms

Why Chrome Taps are Still Number One in Australian Bathrooms

With so many choices in bathroom tapware, from matte black and brushed metal to hues of copper and gold, why is chrome tapware still Australia’s most popular colour?

There has never been more choice in bathroom tapware than right now. If you’re renovating, you can choose tapware in almost any colour of the rainbow to add style accents to your bathroom. With so much choice, and gorgeous modern trends in matte black, bronze, or brushed metal, why do 51% of us still prefer chrome? 

We spoke to John Care, Design and Drafting Manager from Dale Alcock Homes, to help understand the enduring appeal of chrome. “It’s certainly true that chrome tapware is easy to keep clean and maintain, as scratches and fingerprints don’t tend to show up as much. If there are any minor marks, they’re also easy to wipe clean without damaging the material,” says John. So chrome taps into our practical side. What else?

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"When it comes to style, chrome is timeless."
John Care, Dale Alcock Homes.

John also believes that chrome is "a colour that will fit into any style of bathroom because it’s got a little bit of sparkle, but is equally subtle, blending perfectly within the broader bathroom palette. If you choose chrome tapware, you can either make it shine or work it in as a supporting element." When you choose chrome, your style and design options instantly multiply. This is because chrome’s popularity over time also brings the benefit of being crafted in a variety of shapes and styles. 

If traditional suits your bathroom style, try the ever-popular Kado Classic range, or if you prefer a more striking statement consider the contemporary Grohe Allure line which offers perfectly balanced proportions and a made-to-last diamond chrome finish. Chrome may seem like a “safe” choice, but choices like brushed nickel or gunmetal can provide a subtle point of difference while adding texture and style to your bathroom.

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