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Reece is an Australian icon. You probably know us as Australia's largest supplier of plumbing and bathroom products. We have been around for almost 100 years. But that’s just one side of us. We’re a major public company with 4,000 people, 500 locations and 9 business lines. We thrive on new ideas and have the courage to make them happen. That means endless opportunities to achieve amazing things.

Why work with us

We've been supporting our people to discover their best for almost 100 years.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our staff like working here.


We're out there

Our international footprint covers 4000 employees working in 300 different roles in 500 outlets across 9 business units. 

We've got it all

You'll work with hundreds of brands and millions of products from more than 20 countries. 

We're happy

This is such a great place to work, our employees are even happier than Google's*

*Employee NPS is 66


We grow together

We're growing nationally and internationally, which means lots of opportunities for growth. 

Drive a business

The people who help our customers make our business happen. They do many things. They make deliveries, serve customers, manage warehouses, logistics and operations. And they’re a critical part of the team.

Invent technology

We use a lot of technology. More importantly, we create it. So we need tech savvy, creative people who know what they’re doing and want to learn even more.

We maintain 14+ websites and numerous apps

We created our own ERP solution in-house

We designed our eCommerce platform from scratch

We built and operate our own supply chain solution

Build great brands

We sell millions of products under hundreds of brands, many we’ve created. We market them expertly to loyal customers in a hungry market.
So we know marketing and sales. And we’re happy to share.

Empower others

It takes good people to run a great organisation. If you’re someone who likes to enable other people, help them do their work better, grow and develop, we have opportunities for you.

We strive for greatness everyday

Most organisations say they live by their values. We actually do. We also hire by them and promote by them.
They are a major reason why we are such a strong and happy company.

Our Purpose

To improve the lives of our customers and our people by striving for greatness every day.

Create customers for life Create customers for life
Write the next chapter Write the next chapter
Discover your best Discover your best
Grow as a team Grow as a team
Innovate big and small Innovate big and small
Try.Try.Try Try.Try.Try
Own it Own it
Keep it simple Keep it simple
Do the right thing Do the right thing

Meet amazing people

Meet some Reece staff and see what they’re doing.

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IT Graduate Programme Discover Matthew's story

Matthew Nakhla

During his Bachelor of IT at Swinburne University, Matthew Nakhla did placements at IBM and Newcrest Mining and assumed they would be the sorts of roles he would take up when he finished his degree.

“I interviewed for various roles, but at Reece they asked me to work on a case study. They gave us a background business case and we had to come up with a solution to a business problem. I just loved it.”

“In my first year as a graduate starter, I was involved in all sorts of things. I worked in the branch network in plumbing stores, HVAC, irrigation and the Docklands warehouse, then I came into IT.

“Reece invests a lot of time and effort in you. They provide a lot of training and they put the effort in to get the right person in the right place.”

“They had just taken over Actrol and I worked on the integration project doing the transformation of the point of sale system between two technology languages. It was a real problem solving exercise.

I learned a lot about integration, infrastructure and project management. I got to show them who I was, how I could think and my communication skills. It was great.”

In the two years since then Matthew has worked on a number of projects focused on improving the customer experience, including a new customer dashboard. He is now doing the project coordination for a new warehousing management system.

“Reece invests a lot of time and effort in you. They provide a lot of training and they put the effort in to get the right person in the right place. You can fast track. They tell you what you need to do to get to the next level. If you want more responsibility, you just ask for it.”

So is Matthew sorry he didn’t take one of the other jobs he interviewed for?

“It might have been more corporate, but I would have just been a number. Here they trust you. That you’ll do the right thing and you’ll do your best. If you need help, it’s always there. They treat you like family. It makes you want to do your best.”

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Reece Support Centre Graduate Programme Discover Jason's story

Jason Zivkovic

Jason Zivkovic’s graduate experience is unlike most. After completing his commerce degree he worked for a small management consulting firm, but wasn’t happy there. “I wanted the structure of a larger company. I knew a couple of people who worked for Reece and never heard a bad thing about the organisation, so I applied for the graduate program. I could see it was going to offer support and training.”

After a short time in the branches, Jason made full use of his management training, working on projects to improve supply records, HR programs, waste reduction and discovery on new products.

“The variety was huge. It was great because I got to see so much of the business, but I decided I actually wanted more operational experience.”

Positions as 2IC at two branches followed before Jason made the move back to management projects and his current role in Pricing and Product Information. “I love data,” he says. “Pulling it together and finding meaningful insights. Information is powerful, especially in business.”

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IT Project Manager Discover Owen's story

Owen FitzGerald

“I came to Reece sort of by accident. I spoke to a recruiter about another role that had been filled already and she rang me later about a business analyst vacancy at Reece.

So I came into Reece and did what I’ve always done. Once I got into the swing of my role, I started to reach out and see where else I could help.

A year later, to my surprise, my boss called me in and asked if I'd like to setup and project manage a new mobile app team! That’s the thing about Reece. They’re very open to people moving laterally and vertically in the organisation. There are always opportunities.

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything but working alongside smart, friendly people makes it so much easier.

So now I've been working in the exciting world of mobile apps for 18 months, with an amazing small team made up of internal and external hires. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything but working alongside smart, friendly people makes it so much easier.

I was well of out my comfort zone to being with, as I'd never been a project manager before and had no experience in developing mobile apps. But the culture and people at Reece provides all the support you could ask for.

Working so closely with our team has even made me consider trying my hand at development. Reece is the kind of company where that's viable.

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Marketing Graduate Programme Discover Arabella's Story

Arabella Clark

Arabella Clark fell in love with business while working at a café in the Whitsundays. This passion led to a business degree at Monash majoring in Marketing and Management and ultimately to the Reece Graduate program.

‘I’ve been given so much responsibility. As a marketing graduate here you’re not making people coffee and learning second-hand. In the first couple of weeks I was signing off decisions worth tens of thousands of dollars.’

‘It’s fast-track learning. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on Senior Leadership meetings, to get a holistic look at the business and where it’s headed. There’s so much opportunity and so much trust placed in you. Every day is different, you’re never doing the same task.’

After 18 months in the role, Arabella is driving the Actrol trade shows herself. ‘It’s my responsibility to make them happen. I’m very proud, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary here.

‘If you show initiative and care for your work, they’ll keep handing it to you. It’s a great place to start a career.’