Hot Water Systems

Did you know that about 25% of your homes’ energy is used to heat hot water? That’s why it’s important make sure your hot water unit can effectively meet the needs of your family. From an invigorating morning shower, to the heavy duty clothes wash, it really is the engine room of your home.

Selecting the right Hot Water System for you

Stay on top of your day with a reliable hot water system. From the invigorating morning shower to the heavy-duty clothes wash, you need a hot water system that can effectively meet the needs of your family.
Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

Similar to a big kettle, an electric storage tank heats water through the use of an electric element and stores that water for use as needed.
  • Most affordable hot water unit to purchase
  • Lower tariffs may be available to heat water during off peak times
  • Lower replacement costs
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Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Designed with efficiency in mind, gas continuous flow units offer hot water delivery on demand in a compact unit. They heat the water only as you need it, you will never run out of hot water.
  • Saves space with small unit mounted on the wall
  • Heats the water on demand
  • Controllers can be installed with the unit to deliver accurate temperatures
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Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

By storing your hot water ready for use, gas storage tanks are quick at delivering you hot water when you want it.
  • Lower upfront purchase costs
  • Energy efficient models available
  • Faster hot water delivery as the hot water is stored ready for use
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Solar Electric Boosted Hot Water Systems

Solar Electric Boosted

Solar electric boosted hot water units offer energy efficiency by harnessing the suns energy to heat your hot water, whilst still offering the peace of mind of having an electric booster unit on those sun-free days. They are designed to not only be energy efficient, but to also save you on your energy costs.
  • Harnesses free energy from the sun
  • Supported by an electric boosting element
  • Reduces monthly electricity bills
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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pumps extract heat from the ambient air to quietly heat your water. They are an energy efficient alternative to the traditional electric storage tank.
  • Can be connected to off-peak tariffs
  • Easy replacement of an electric storage unit
  • Environmentally friendly
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Commercial Hot Water Systems

Commercial Hot Water Systems

Designed particularly to suit applications such as apartments, hotels, office blocks, schools and restaurants, commercial hot water systems are specifically developed to handle those heavy duty loads.
  • Custom configurations to suit various commercial applications
  • Suited to heavy duty applications
  • Available in continuous flow and heavy duty storage options
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Since 1988, Aquamax have committed to providing Australians with high efficiency Electric Storage Hot Water Systems and 5 star rated Gas products.


Offering energy efficient solutions in gas continuous flow and heat pumps, Bosch has a product to suit everyone.


Everhot offers a range of domestic and commercial Hot Water Units to suit a range of applications.


One of the most recognised Hot Water household brands in Australia.


Rinnai has an extensive range of Hot Water Systems to cater for all Australian households.


Packed with innovative features and proven technology, Thermann delivers the ultimate Hot Water experince.


Vulcan is your simple solution to home water heating at an affordable price.

Why go with a professional plumber?

Plumbing is a qualified skill that ensures clean water and sanitation for your home and business. Not only does a professional plumber have the right skills and training for installing, repairing and replacing your hot water system, they also have the right expertise, insurances and will ensure your warranty remains intact should something go wrong with your product. They provide you with the reassurance and peace of mind with respect to the complexity of the job at hand, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Plumbing rules and regulations can vary from state to state. Your plumber is required to have passed the state’s standards to obtain their license, making them the expert on these rules. Licensed plumbers warrant their work, covering you for the installation and work carried out.

With the proper tools and equipment, a professional plumber can complete the job at hand efficiently and safely, protecting your property and avoiding health and safety risks.

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Chat to our team in-store

Finding the right hot water unit for you can be tricky, but we’re here to help. If you have any questions or need some assistance finding the right unit, simply try our hot water selector tool, or have a chat to our team in store who will be able to help you navigate your way through any queries you may have.
In most cases, Hot Water Systems can last up to 10 years or longer before they need replacing. If you are running out of hot water or your water isn't hot enough, a licenced plumber can provide guidance on if you should repair or replace your Hot Water Unit. If your Hot Water System is relatively new, repair might be the best option for you. Here a a few things to consider when buying a new Hot Water Unit:
  1. What energy source are you using? Electricity or Gas?
  2. How much hot water does your household need? How many loads of washing or showers do you need to account for
  3. What is important to you in terms of replacement costs, energy efficiency and installation costs?
It's a good idea to discuss cost with your plumber as installation costs may vary, depending on the circumstances.
Most manufacturers recommend a licence tradesperson to service your Hot Water Unit once per year to ensure it's performing it's best. Check your owners manual for more information or contact a licenced tradesperson. The time it takes for your Hot Water Cylinder to heat your water will depend on the type of hot water cylinder you have installed, the size of the tank and the temperature of the outside atmosphere. To get the most accurate information on heating your water, refer to the owners manual for the Hot Water Unit. Most Hot Water Systems are designed to stay on regardless of if they are in use or not to maintain the temperature of the water or make sure the unit is ready to go when you need hot water. However, some hot water systems can be turned off. To find out how to safely turn off your hot water system, visit the manufacturers website or owner's manual. There are many different reasons why a Hot Water Service may leak. In order to properly diagnose the leak safely, you will need to contact a licensed plumber. While there are many different types of Hot Water Systems, generally, a Hot Water System uses a heat source, such as gas or electricity to transfer heat to water which, is directed into a house or building. To find out more specific information on how your Hot Water System works, visit the manufacturer's website or the owner's manual for your unit. Gas Hot Water Units draw gas from your natural gas line that's connected to the property or from an LPG source such as a gas bottle as the heat source. Electric Hot Water Units utilise the electricity connection as the energy source to heat the water in the unit.

Your Gas Hot Water Unit will be installed ready for use by your licenced plumber. If any issues occur, contact a licenced plumber to diagnose the concern.

Some Hot Water Units require regular maintenance which includes purging or draining hot water using specific valves as part of a recommended maintenance schedule. To understand how to safely drain, empty or maintain your Hot Water System, visit the manufacturer's website or the owner's manual for your Hot Water Unit. Plumbers are experts when it comes to hot water. They have the relevant skills and knowledge required to safely install and service a Hot Water Unit. Installing or attempting to fix your Hot Water Service is dangerous and will void the warranty on the unit. Its is therefore important to always use a licenced plumber to install a new Hot Water System or repair a broken Hot Water System. Your plumber will also be able to recommend the best Hot Water Unit for your household needs. A Heat Pump is sustainable Hot Water solution that delivers hot water with great efficiency over a longer life span. It heats water by drawing outside air and changing the thermal energy in the air into a gas source. This gas source is used to heat the water in your Hot Water Tank. For more detailed information on the mechanics of a Heat Pump, contact a licenced plumber. They will be able to recommend a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater to suit your household needs.