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3 August 2020, 9.00am

It’s essential that plumbers continue to help prevent disease

As the state of Victoria faces one of its toughest challenges yet, we’re doing everything we can to support tradies in keeping the community healthy and safe.

Following the announcement of Level 4 restrictions across Victoria, we have moved quickly to ensure we continue to provide the level of service our customers demand, and the community expects.

“The heart of our business is supporting the repair and maintenance plumber, the small local tradie. Providing clean water and sanitation is critical, particularly during a health crisis such as this,” says Peter Wilson, Group CEO, Reece Group.

In 1919, when the Spanish flu ravaged the world, the plumber became essential to society – ensuring people had access to clean water and sanitation in their homes, to stop the acceleration of the virus – coining the phase, “Doctors Cure, Plumbers Prevent”.

“Our current crisis is no different – plumbers play a key role in preventing disease, we must do everything we can to enable our plumbers to support the Victorian Community”, Mr Wilson said.

Since the pandemic began, Reece has continued to keep our people and the community safe. Since March, the Reece Group has taken significant steps to achieve this:

    • Our social distancing approach was an industry first, successfully keeping our people and customers well.
    • Our 450 Melbourne based head office team have been working from home – supporting our 5000 people and 640 branches across the country remotely.

“Our network also has the experience required to navigate the new normal across Victoria, as we have been through the lockdown in New Zealand. In NZ, we supported the community with the provision of essential services during Stage 4 restrictions,” says Mr Wilson.

Overnight, the Reece Group held discussions with Government and industry, as the next stage of restrictions are being worked through. Our aim is to support all sectors in finding the right balance of keeping the community healthy and well, while keeping the economy moving.

Here is a little more about the role plumbers, and Reece, play in keeping the community safe across Victoria.