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Your online business management system.

Developed exclusively for our account customers, maX is an innovative management system that gives you access to product pricing, allows you to build product lists, manage your account, generate customer quotes and even order online.

Price jobs faster than ever

Today more than ever you need to be responsive to your customers needs. So you need to be able to cost products and present solutions as fast as possible.

  • View pricing

    • View your price as well as the CMP (competitive market price)
    • View price totals with or without GST
    • Import your price file to leading accounting packages
  • Search for products

    • You can search for products 24/7
    • Images are included with product descriptions to help with quick identification and selection
    • Refine your search by recent purchases,categories or brands to help you find exactly what you're after
    • Switch between your price and the Competitive Market Price (CMP)
  • Create product lists

    • Create quick reference groups of products
    • Save time by ordering or quoting direct from a list
    • Setup as many lists as you like
    • Lists display both CMP and your pricing to help cost jobs effectively
  • Generate Reece quotes

    • Access your in-store quotes online
    • Place orders direct from a quote in seconds
    • All quotes are stored for future reference
  • Place online orders

    • Search for products and create an order from scratch
    • Quickly convert product lists or quotes to an order
    • Automated SMS confirmation once your order has been received by the branch
    • Choose to pick up your order at any Reece branch or have it delivered to site

Easy manage your account

A big part of having a successful business is hard work. However, all that hard work can go to waste if you’re not keeping track of your cashflow. Knowing what you owe and when, will help you plan for the future.

  • Invoice Search

    • Search for your invoices by date, order number or job name
    • Download invoices as either CMP or your price
    • Pay individual invoices as cashflow becomes available
    • Downloaded invoices work with most popular accounting software packages

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    invoice search
  • Balance & QuickPay

    • View your current account balance
    • Pay any outstanding amount securely
    • View any recent payments applied to your account
    balance quick pay
  • Statements

    • Receive your monthly statement via email
    • Pay your account direct from the statement
    • Download your statements for each month
    • Keep a record of all previous statements

Access handy business tools

You can always spot a good tradesman by the tools they use. And it shouldn’t end with the right wrench, you also need the right business tools that reflect your professionalism.

  • Generate customer quotes

    • Create professional looking quotes for your customers
    • Customise your quotes with your labour costs and expenses
    • Customise your quote with headings to ensure readability
    • Add your mark up and your total price will be updated automatically
    • All live pricing information is on hand (both CMP and your price) to ensure an accurate quote
    • Export your quote as a PDF to send to your customers

maX mobile app.
Manage your business easily on the go.

The maX app has a number of additional handy tools that will make life even easier when you’re on the go. 

Download max for IPhone or Android

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  • google play

maX integration

maX price files and invoices work with a wide range of accounting and job management packages including:

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