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Congratulations to father and daughter duo, Ian and Lauren Stevens, who are this year’s major Reece Grant recipients. The pair works with their self-started NGO, Community Generation, to run and build multiple water sanitation projects across Cambodia.

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Other recipients

With over 80 outstanding entries this year, it was impossible to narrow our decision down to just one recipient. So, we are excited to award an additional three grants for 2016.

Meet the recipients and learn how they are utilising the power of plumbing to bring better health and sanitation to third world communities.

Jack Timmins

LearnToLive is working with Jack to build a rainwater catchment system in remote communities in Indonesia, as part of their ongoing commitment to improve sustainability in third world countries.

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Andrew Whalan

In collaboration with HealtHabitat, Andrew’s team will work to repair and build toilets, as well as installing showers and teeth brushing facilities to an earthquake-damaged Nepalese school.

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Richard Harvie

Working alongside Hopes and Dreams, Richard and his team will be traveling to a rural Zimbabwean village to install pumps and tanks that will provide ongoing, reliable clean water to over 7,000 community members.

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