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Hot water rebates made simple.

Reece has partnered with Greenbank Environmental to make it easier for plumbers to claim government rebates on selected energy-efficient hot water system installs. Become a Greenbank Registered Installer and start claiming rebates on eligible heat pumps you buy at Reece, today.

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Registered Greenbank Installers can easily access the rebates that are available for installing heat pumps purchased from Reece. Their platform makes it quick and easy to claim small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and relevant state-based rebates and trade them online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our partnership with Greenbank Environmental.

If you're a homeowner seeking to install an energy-efficient hot water system and claim a rebate, contact your local Reece branch. We can help connect you with a licensed plumber to discuss the installation and rebate process.

No. Reece has partnered with Greenbank Environmental to make it easy to access rebates for heat pumps you purchase at Reece branches. To use Greenbank Environmental's system, you must register as an official installer.

This varies depending on the state or territory. Most issue the installer with a small-scale technology rebate, which the installer must then claim and trade. Greenbank Environmental's platform makes it easy to claim the STCs you're entitled to.

It's easy. You can fill in the online form and submit them immediately or apply over the phone on 1300 473 362.